Sunday, January 23, 2011

I Got "Inspired to Sew" By Bari J!!

Guess who I met yesterday!!!

I hope I did not scare her by my stalker fan excitement!

She was so nice and pretty and friendly 
and so were her hubby and daughters!!

I LOVE her Garden Tunic! 

The pattern and how-to are included
in her book.

And it is JUST GORGEOUS up close!

The Tree Of Dreams Wallhanging, 
on the wall behind us, 

It has little bits of all kinds of
fabric and even a little ballerina dancing
amongst the leaves and flowers.


And she had lots of the beautiful projects in the 
book, right there to show.

Oh, wait!

I did not tell you WHERE I met her!

Wooden Gate Quilts in Danville, CA
is just the most adorable quilt shop.

I will definitely be making the drive back there for classes
and fabric purchasing. 
They hosted Bari's book signing and had her
fabrics on sale too! 


Bari autographed my book for me!!

(Sorry, grammarians, this post
really does demand all of the exclamation points!!)

And I bought some of her lovely Country Lane prints.

I wanted to buy more, but let's just say 
that I am trying to be good about
my fabric purchases this year.

At least I made it until the 22rd of
January before I bought fabric this year. 

So, I am dying to start sewing
some of the gorgeous projects
in this book.

But I have to wait until I finish my 
online traffic school course that
is due this week.

You can buy your very own book
signed by Bari 

You will be INSPIRED!!

Happy Sewing!


Jona said...

What a beautiful picture of both of you!! It looks like so much fun (I wish I could have been there)!

Tiffany said...

Oh my goodness- Sivje- you look Gorgeous!!!! All glowy and happy (even with India away...sniff sniff- I miss her and I haven't even met her!)Life is definitely agreeing with you! Hugs and kisses my friend!

Tabitha O. said...

AWESOME!!!!! <--it does need lots of exclamation points!!

Barb said...

YEAH!!! So happy you were able to meet your friend in person for the first time ever! You both look darling in the picture.