Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Taking India To The Disney College Program-Part 2

Sunday morning dawned bright and early
with India applying her Maleficent lipstick
from Mac's "Venomous Villains" collection.


India and Ahnalin snuggled in the back seat of Jana's 
car on the way to Anaheim.

Ahnalin told me that she will miss holding hands
with her sister in the back seat,
so India held her hand the whole way.

We arrived right before 8:00 so India was one of 
the first students to check in.

Jana, Ahnalin and I walked over to Starbucks 
while the students had a brief housing meeting and 
received their apartment assignments,
got their keys, and a few forms filled out.

India called us a few minutes later and
told us what apartment to come to.

Because there was a parent orientation in a few hours,
Jana took Ahnalin over to Disneyland so that I could stay with 
India and help her move in.

The furnished apartments are REALLY NICE!!

This is her living room.

India wanted to bring her bedding from home,
so I made up her bed and got it all cozy for her.

I think the bedding is looking rather tired, so 
I still want to make her a new set.

Her roommate has not arrived yet, 
so she is alone in her bedroom.

This is the dining area in 
the living room.

The bedroom on the other side
is where her friend Tiffany and two other
soon-to-arrive girls will sleep.

This is the beautiful, brand new kitchen
in the apartment.

Do you see India's Star Wars toaster on the counter?

This is from the dining area looking into the kitchen.

India's roommate, Tiffany, was unpacking
too but I somehow forgot to take a photo
of the girls together. 
But she is really cute and nice and 
I know the girls will have so much fun together!

Tiffany brought these cool plaques and I just love them!

I took India to a local restaurant, 
so we could eat some lunch before the orientation.
She refused to stop making goofy faces so I could take a good picture!

At the orientation, we learned about
what is and is not acceptable in the DCP 
and it helped me feel comfortable,
knowing how strict they are.

After the orientation, Jana and Ahnalin
came back and picked us up and we headed back to 

This was India's last time visiting the park before 
being an actual cast member!

When we went on "It's A Small World",
we were thrilled to see that the Christmas overlay
was still up!

Yep, that would be the Goosegirl!

Ahnalin did not wear socks that day, so Jana
bought her these red and white polka dot Minnie Mouse socks.

Jana treated us to Mickey Mouse shaped beignets
in New Orleans Square.

I refuse to ride on the Mad Hatter's Teacups ride,
but Ahnalin and India rode it together.

We rode a few more attractions and 
then got settled in for the 
"Remember, Dreams Come True" fireworks show.

I always cry during this show, but
this time was even more bittersweet. 

This time, we were here because 
India's dream was actually coming true!!

After the fireworks show, we took in one more ride.

Ahnalin is finally tall enough to go on 
"Indiana Jones And The Temple Of The Forbidden Eye".
She was a little nervous but agreed to try it.
She liked it and is so proud of herself for trying it!!

Both of my girls are growing up!

"Taking India To The Disney College Program- Part 3" coming later 
today or tomorrow.


Nancy said...

so fun to see your trip- and looks like it is going to be a great program!

ShirleyC said...

They certainly have a nice apartment. I know they will have so much fun. Keep us updated!

Meredith said...

WOW! I have tears and chills reading about India's new adventure! So exciting for her. You must all be so excited and proud! Keep us posted! (And, boy, what an AWESOME apartment!!!!)

Mona @ la la by mona said...

Wow! This just brought tears to my eyes. My oldest will be heading off to college next fall so this hits close to home. I know this is a difficult time for you so hang in there and know that it is in God's plan, the next chapter in her wonderful life! I'm so happy for her and I know she will do great and make you proud! Hugs!

Ellie Inspired said...

Oh my goodness, what a lucky girl! She is going to have the best time and what a beautiful apartment they give her too! I wish I'd done that when I was her age. Hugs to you, Mama, I know this is rough for you and for Ahnalin!