Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Silly Pictures And A Recipe For Hummus

Really, I will get back to sewing. 

I promise!

But first, some silly pictures!

India had her heart set on a special toaster 
that is shaped like a Darth Vader helmet
and burns an image of old Vader himself. 

Stupid, eh? 

But she loves it and it will be going to her apartment
at Disneyland with her.

Ahnalin received a new Razor Scooter from my 
parents for Christmas. 
She wants to be on it every minute of the day.

And yes, I do believe that twirly skirts and pink
cowgirl boots are the perfect compliment to a
Hello Kitty bike helmet!

Our new neighborhood has flat streets! 
No hills!

I am pretty thrilled because I have found a
working combination of camera and computer,
for now.

My Mac is still broken and I am on Don's laptop
and using Ahnalin's camera. 

So, I had to grab a shot of my girls
snuggled together on the sofa watching tv.

Ahnalin had found the Pirate costume set she had
purchased for Daddy at the dollar store.

She had meant to give it to him for Christmas but 
somehow it got packed in a box and lost
before Christmas!

I have found my sewing machine and some thread!

Believe it or not, 
this will be my sewing area. 

It actually already looks better
but I haven't taken a new picture yet.

Suffice it to say that Ahnalin's 
dollhouse is more organized than our house is at this point!

My friend Tika gave Ahnalin her old
dollhouse before we moved.

Thankfully, my old dollhouse furniture fit it perfectly!
And Ahnalin picked out a little dolly family
to live in it!

The mama has long red hair and lime green shoes!

The baby had no hair so Ahnalin colored it black with a sharpie!

Ahnalin loves having her own room.

So far, we just have a combination of 
mismatched bedding on her bed.

But I am starting on curtains for her
and will be putting up some vintage
Laura Ashley wallpaper border
to make this a really special room for her.

India is thrilled to have Yaya's bedroom set
in her room now. 

She has definite ideas how she plans to decorate
her room, but since she is leaving in 11 days 
for Disney, it will have to wait.

And the master bedroom.......

We have to put up the wall-mounted
reading lamps, and our silhouettes, 
and it will look more inviting.

I made this bedding 9 years ago
and I am SO READY for a change. 

But it will have to wait a bit.

Ahnalin's room will be first
and then new slipcovers
for the living room furniture!

So, since you slogged through a bunch 
of messy, just moved in, pictures,
I am going to show you what I made for lunch.

I KNOW it looks like wallpaper paste!

But, I have a deep and abiding passion for hummus.

And I was hungry.

So I grabbed all the ingredients from my cupboard
and made up a yummy batch.

Now, I rarely measure anything, 
so these measurements are very loose.

But it is yummy and I think you will like it!

Sivje's Kalamata Olive Hummus

1 can garbanzo beans
1 (or 2, or more!!) garlic clove, diced
Juice of 1 fresh lemon
2 T Sesame Tahini
Extra virgin olive oil
sea salt
fresh ground pepper
 about 10 (or more!) pitted Kalamata olives

Drain the garbanzo beans, reserving a few
teaspoons of the liquid, and dump into 
a blender or food processor.
Dump in the diced garlic and "buzz" these together.
Pour in the lemon juice and the Tahini 
and blend them.

If you want a thinner hummus, pour in 
some of the reserved liquid from the canned beans.

Now, with the blender or food processor turned on,
add a little bit of olive oil, to taste.

Now, throw the olives into your blender and buzz it!
Now taste it. 
Salt and pepper the hummus to your taste and 
buzz one more time.

I use the same basic process for hummus everytime,
but I vary the additions.

Sometimes, I use sundried tomatoes, 
or roasted red peppers,
or feta cheese,
or fresh basil or spinach,
or just a LOT MORE GARLIC !
If you have good manners, and people are
watching you, pour the hummus 
into a bowl and serve it with carrots
or pita slices.

If you are alone in your kitchen..........
go ahead and eat it right out of the blender!!!
It is that good!!

But...........for your own safety....

turn off the blender 
before you stick your finger into the hummus!

I hope to actually sew today, 
so hopefully I will have something to show off soon!

Love to you all!

Here is to a NEW YEAR and a 

I pray a lovely and exciting year for you!


Tabitha O. said...

It looks like you all are really settling in to your new home! Loving the Darth toaster...and good luck to her at Disney!

cre8tivecrys said...

The toaster is hilarious! I am so happy you guys are getting settled. I know it is a long process (one that we will soon embark on also) but hang in there are you new house will look awesome soon!

Marilyn Martino said...

The hummus recipe looks so easy and sounds yummy! Guess it's time to: "Whistle while you work!-da-da-duhduh-duh-duh-dunt!" And yes, I will turn off the blender. Heh-Heh!
Gotta' say thank you for inspiring me to sew again. Will be finishing a top for Rachel and some other things. Helps to have recieved a sewing machine as a gift from my dh! The other one was not fixable...

Mrs. Bianca said...

That is how we make our hummus too! I think we add a pinch of the ginger-garlic paste for fun, but yeah. Lovin' the house and I can't wait to see the sewing area. I need inspiration for my corner.

william2233 said...

I liked your site from a children author

Sharon said...

Sivje ~ I've been making a lot of hummus lately, but I loved your variations. My daughter Emily just made it with the olives ~ yummy!