Saturday, September 25, 2010

Happy Birthday India!

Happy Birthday India!!

Yes, today my first baby, 
turns 19 years old.

Don't mind me, 
I am a bit wistful.

Where did my baby go?

 I went looking through old pictures
to find that baby face again.

So please bear with me, 
as I waltz down memory lane with my girl.

This picture was taken at the 
Healdsburg Preschool Co-op.

She was a very yummy 3 year old here.

India was about 18 month old in this picture.

We were in Oak Harbor visiting 
Don's Aunt Kris and Aunt Jeanne.

And yes, I was one of 
those mothers.

I had to keep India on a leash because
she was so friendly and inquisitive,
that she would run to total strangers and kiss them.

She is much better about that now! 

She was about 6 months old here and those eyes 
captivated me then,
just as much as they captivate me now.

India and her cousin Tyler have always
been best buddies.

This is one of my favorite pictures of them.

It was taken right before we moved to Denver
to work at Calvary Temple.

India could barely stand the thought 
that we were going to be 
so far away.

India loved ballet and when we lived
in Chicago,
she danced at Miss Jenny's Dance Studio.

This was an Asian inspired dance to the Nutcracker.

I can't actually remember where this was taken, 
but it was before Ahnalin joined our family.

Shortly after India was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes,
Uncle Christian surprised her with 
a chance to see her favorite band,

In 6th grade, she fell "Dashing into Love"
with her prince Nelson.

And then, when Ahnalin arrived,
India became the

Just like her mama, 
she loves to sing!

But she is better than I am.

A few summers ago, we had a girls night
at a Jonas Brothers concert.

I won't show you the picture she took of me,
but I was smocking at the concert. 

She thinks I am a big dork!

Always one to fully immerse herself
in a role, India dyed her 
hair black so she could portray 
Anne Boleyn.

one of the proudest moments
of my entire life, was watching
my India sing "Defying Gravity"
when she produced and directed
"Showstoppers" last fall.
From the day she was diagnosed
with Type 1, India had been dreaming 
and planning of putting on a 
Broadway style review
to raise funds for the Diabetic Youth Foundation. 

Showstoppers was also her senior project
for graduation.

And she was INCREDIBLE!!!!

Defying Gravity is one of her theme songs
and really addresses how she views life.

I am SO PROUD of my girl!

And then in June,
my baby graduated! 

My baby! 

I know she is not a baby anymore,
and is in fact,
a grown woman.

But she will always be my baby. 

And today,
my baby turned 19.

Happy Birthday 

my precious girl.

I love you.




Anita said...

LOVED seeing the walk-through memory lane with India's pictures. I always find it amazing to see how our kiddos go from being little ones with their sweet features to big ones and somehow they still have those same features, but now in adult form and fashion. I do the same with my kids when I look back on them.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY INDIA!! You're an awesome young lady!!

Debby said...

Happy Birthday India. Such a beautiful tribute to your baby. She is a talented beautiful girl.

Anonymous said...

Daddy and I just got home from Lake Tahoe and read your blog. I think you love your darling daughter:)!! It is all spoken and written with such love. You are a great wonderful mother to your girls. love you all

everythingsewing said...

What a wonderful trip down memory lane with you.
Happy Birthday India


Bunny said...

That last picture of India is GORGEOUS! Happy Birthday to your beauty.

Laura L. said...

What a beautiful post. She was such a beautiful little one, and now such a pretty and talented young woman. I'm sure she's going to be so successful!

Doesn't it seem like just yesterday when she was tiny??

I saw that 2nd photo, and before you even said it, I was thinking, "Excuse me, but is your child on a leash?" Bahahaha!

I used to wish for a leash with one of my children. :)

organicmommy said...

Happy Birthday India! You are a beautiful girl and wish you nothing but the best in life!!!

Marika said...

Happy birthday, India! So many cute pictures, but I love her senior portrait!

Tabitha O. said...

Happy BIrthday to her...great pictures! I just did my own walk down memory lane this week for my oldest baby's 12th.

Sara said...

Happy birthday to India!! She is such a lovely young woman!!!

Sonia said...

Daggummit, Sivje! Ya made me cry! I thoroughly enjoyed the walk down memory lane with you, and am honored to have been "present" for some of those events.

Crys said...

Thank you for sharing the pictures and memories! I am told they grow up very fast.

Ellie Inspired said...

Happy Birthday India! You have so much to be proud of. This was such a sweet post and I'm certainly glad she got over the "kissing strangers" bit. :)