Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ahnalin's Denim Skirt

Isn't this a cute skirt?

In July, India cut off a pair of her jeans to make 
cuffed capris and I could not throw away
the long scraps of the legs.

So, to prove that I am just frugal and creative,
instead of the crazy fabric hoarder that I could possibly
be labeled,
I created this skirt.

All I had to do was cut open each leg,
place them right sides together,
sew up the sides,
and make an elastic casing.

Easy Peasy!

I added rickrack and ribbon.

And VOILA!!!

A cute skirt for my Ahnalin!

Do you recognize the vest?

I made it last year because 
her Kindergarten theme was 
"Gentle Giraffes". 

Her K teacher, Ms. Mass
asked me to make this vest for the 
"Student of the Day".

At the end of the year,
Ahnalin got to bring it home.

She still loves it, so it worked well for this outfit.

Is it just me, or does my baby look more and more
like a "Big Girl" every day?

I have LOTS to show you so I will have another post for tomorrow.

Tonight, HRH and I are off to a 
music and worship conference at 
Bayside Church in Granite Bay.

Yep, I am calling it a date!

Happy Sewing!


Rosieq said...

Cute skirt...and easy peasy is right...I'm going to go check out the jeans now and send the girls some new skirts...

Ahnalin is becoming older....I think it is all the ribbons that she won at the fair that is doing it to her!!! rosieq

ShirleyC said...

Ahnalin is so darned cute with her poses. The skirt is adorable, and I'm always looking for ways to recycle and save money.

Ellie Inspired said...

Well, aren't you so clever! Not sure I would have thought of doing that! The vest really caught my eye. It looks sharp on her.

Have fun on your date!

~Regina~ said...

Her skirt looks adorable and she is looking more grown-up now! :)

Anita said...

Man Sivje....I sure wish we lived closer. I'd have so much fun watching you at work and seeing the fashion shows in person!! :) Your girls are blessed to call you mom!!

Bunny said...

What a darling outfit! Every detail is just prescious.


This has got to be an "ah ha" moment as Oprah calls them, would never have thought of that, and since I have 2 grandaughters who get taller but not wider, good idea.