Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mending Bankie

I love to sew.

And I love being a Mama. 


I DO NOT love to mend. 

Mending is boring. 

Mending is not creative.

Mending is not glamorous.

But, I love my girls. 

And as a Mama, sometimes, I need to mend things.

India's Bankie (Blanket) has been her closest friend since she
received it at 2 years of age.

Grandma (my mom) sewed it 
for her and embroidered the back so she would 
always know that "G & G" (Grandma and Grandpa)
love her very much. 

When she was little, 
she would snuggle up in it and grin,
saying "G and G are hugging me in my Bankie".

Here she is with Bankie in Chicago, when we 
were candidating for a music pastor job, before
we moved there.

This was in our 1863 house in New Hope, PA, 
when she was 9.

Bankie has been with her each time she was in the hospital, each
move to a new house and church, 
each sleepover. 

When Grandma made the blanket originally, 
she used polyester satin blanket binding.

India LOVED the satiny trim and would rub it
between her fingers. 

And she literally "loved the stuffin's out of it"!

Yes, I am aware that my first baby will be 19 in just a few weeks.

But she loves her Bankie.

So, when she came to me, holding her treasured
and nearly shredded best friend,
I had to set aside my "fun" sewing (as in, pretty dresses)
and repair, er, 



Such a simple thing, to mend a Bankie.

Yet Bankie is the cozy object that has been there 
every time she was afraid, or sad, or sleepy.

Bankie has always been there to "mend" 
her broken heart, to wipe tears, or 
to warm her cold toes.

So, what else can a Mama do, 
but lovingly mend that faithful Bankie?

India, even though you are almost all grown up,
you are still my first baby.

I am glad that I can mend your Bankie for you,
and make you smile. 

I love you, Dida.


Dolores said...

My baby is now 26 and she still wants me to fix blankie so she can have it. It is a small quilt where the backing has worn out. It was cotton and the top was a mix. I should go find it and gift it to her when she comes home for Christmas. I too love to sew and hate to mend. The sewing room has hidden many repair jobs that the children have now outgrown. ;-)

Don said...

I'm getting a little weepy now. I remember every house - every place. Bankie probably means as much to me as it does to India. Everywhere I carried her she was wrapped in Bankie.

Goosegirl said...

I am just checking because I have received messages that my blog is not allowing comments right now. I hope I can get it working right.

Anonymous said...

So happy that bankie has brought so much love and comfort to India and her daddy!! I do remember making it so many years ago for my darling first grandchild and remembering all the love she has given us over the years. Siv, again your post is beautiful, and so are you.

Aunt Honey said...

My youngest had a stuff puppy dog, who was very frequently mended. But every time I used a different color thread, and he ended up being a very colorful "baby dog" that was very well loved. I still have baby dog, waiting on a grandchild to love it as much! My oldest, too, had a bankie, safely stored in a drawer, just waiting to be loved again.

Laurie said...

First of all, I LOVE all the old pics with the blanket - soooo cool to have! Second of all, you did a GREAT job of mending - love the new binding on it!

Tabitha O. said...

My 12 yo baby still has her teddy and she always has me mend it... although I can't mend the fur she has rubbed off lol--a very sweet post

Meg said...

Beautifully said Sivje! It made me tear up and become a mushball....thank you for sharing such special times with your girl and her bankie. :)

Julia said...


Cole's Corner said...

How sweet.

...and I hate mending, too.