Saturday, September 18, 2010

Puppy Dogs For Autumn

Two little orange dresses for Autumn.

I love them. 
I mean, I REALLY love them!

I fell in love with this fabric,
"City Dogs", 
from Heather Ross' line called 
"Lightening Bugs and Other Mysteries,

I had to buy it because of this little guy.

You see, my brother and sis-in-love have two Doxies 
and a little girl who needs a dress with Doxies!

But, I have a bit of a fabric problem.
I love my fabric so much, probably too much,
(let's not talk about idolatry, ok?),
so I was afraid to cut into it.

Yes, this fabric is lusciously soft with vibrant colors 
and a quirky sense of humor. 

But it was not doing anyone any good, 
hidden away in my stash.
(Hm... burying my talent- think about the Parables...)

And I am participating, in a very mild way,
Stash Game is when we Sewing Mamas put ourselves
on a 1 month fabric purchasing fast, and 
do our best to reduce our fabric stashes. 
Some Mamas sew like blazes and accomplish 
great amounts of sewing. 

Not me. 

But I have not purchased any fabric this month either, 
just a few notions and some more labels.

So, I decided now was the time to cut into this yummy fabric!

For my Doxie-loving niecy-poo,
I chose a traditional yoke dress pattern.
I used McCall's Stitch 'n Save M5020.
And I embellished with,
yeah, I know.....Brown Rickrack!

This little pattern is discontinued, but 
is very similar to many other yoke dress patterns on the market.

Really, these little bloomers are not wonky,
but they look like it because the mannequin stand is going through one leg.
This little bloomer has a one piece front and a one piece back.
I LOVE bloomers on chubby toddler legs!
I can't wait to see them on my niecy!

For Ahnalin, I chose Simplicity 3588.
There are a few different views in this pattern, 
but Ahnalin chose this Asian influenced look.

I love the copper buttons and vintage
brown piping.

Ahnalin chose this 3/4 length bell sleeve
with this gathered shoulder detail.

I made a size 6, but should have made a size 4 in the 6 length. 
But I think it suits my little girl well.

This pattern went together really well.
The instructions were well written as well.

However, just as I usually do, 
I fully lined the bodice, 
so that the seams would not scratch my girl.

She told me that she wants the leaves to turn orange to match
her new dress.

Soon it will be time to wear tights with her Autumn dresses.

I wish I had a good camera so that I could really take nice pictures,
but you can tell that she loves to pose.....

......and twirl.

Ahnalin plans to wear this to church tomorrow!

I had better get back to work. 

I am in the midst of pattern testing 
for a friend
and sewing lots of birthday presents for this weekend.

I will post those in a day or so.

Ahnalin is begging me to get off the computer so she can sew.......

Happy Sewing!


ShirleyC said...

Both dresses are very cute. I love the fabric, and I think you chose some good designs to suit the fabric. Ahnalin looks so cute!

Jacki said...

wow, those are great! Those patterns are perfect for that fabric, which I TOTALLY love. Ahnalin's modeling skills are getting quite good, and may rival William's!! (:giggle)

Tabitha O. said...

OH my gosh that is my favorite fabric....those are so flippin' adorable....

Hettie Lynn said...

Darling dresses! I love the fabric and Ahnalin is getting more beautiful all the time. I really like the style she chose for her dress.

Jan said...

I'm not one who likes orange (I'm a pink girl), but the dresses turned out darling! And I usually would not choose brown ricrac either, but this fabric kind of screamed for it.

dkd6470 said...

Love the dresses! You did a wonderful job :)

Tracy Peed :: Creator/ Designer said...

Love both dresses - makes me wish I could sew.


GardenofDaisies said...

Oh my gosh, those dresses are just adorable!!!!!

Ellie Inspired said...

Oh man, Sivje, I am drooling, DROOLING over these gorgeous dresses!!! I can TOTALLY see why you wanted to hoard this particular fabric. I would call it good stewardship. hehe And, you picked the perfect patterns to complement it. Ahnalin chose really well - she has good taste! I am so going to go pack my bags right now and come park myself on that gorgeous patio for a week with some smocking and we can just laugh and laugh. :)

Meredith said...

Another beautiful creation!!! I love it!! Ahnalin is just so adorable. Have a great day! Meredith

Cole's Corner said...

How cute! I love them both.

Bunny said...

Sivje, these are just fabulous! Ahnalin is stunning in the orange.

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

She looks adorable modeling her new dress, and both dresses are beautiful!

Anita said...

And another amazing outfit! :)

OK for the blog help....EASY!! Trust me...EASY!

If you want to use the same site I used for mine you can click on the LeeLou link on the top of my blog to get there. I used one of her ready-made templates that does it all for you and more complete than just a blog background.

The other two sites that have info are and

Beautiful Blog Designs has a whole list of sites that offer free backgrounds and templates. I'd start there first. Adori Designs has more info on how tos but I just didn't have time to read right now! :)

Anyway...let me know if I can help! :)

Jan M said...

I adore both of these dresses! That sueded poplin fabric from FreeSpirit was wonderful. I do not understand why they did not offer it in more of their lines. I also have not seen it in any of their recent lines. Maybe it is time to make a request!

Sew Pretty Dresses said...

So darling! I love the asian inspired dress. I think I have oogled that pattern before! I need to get going on my autumn sewing!

Julia said...

That fabric is so cute! Both dresses are perfect from it! You always do such a great job with all of your sewing projects. Ahnalin is growing up so fast. She is beautiful and looks to be sooooooo happy. She sure is lucky to have such a talented mom.

Anonymous said...

Babe, you did it again with a home run on fabric, design and the finishing touches. Totally adorable.

Crys said...

Great sewing as always. I hadn't thought of pairing this fabric with brown ric rack but I totally will now when I make something for Reagan! Doesn't it feel wonderful

Lori said...

Adorable fabric. Darling dresses. Cute girl. Ahnalin has the most beautiful hair, doesn't she?