Saturday, September 4, 2010

Modkids Sydney For My Ahnalin

Ahnalin has fallen in love with the Modkids Sydney pattern and
has been begging me to sew it up for her.

As Autumn is just around the corner, 
and Ahnalin refuses to wear jeans,
I thought I would sneak in some denim another way.

We paired the denim, which has been in my stash for quite some time,
with Patty Young's Double Border Daisy in Lime

And being me, I had to add some rick rack. 

Ahnalin is crazy about the hood!

So we got lots of goofy pictures!

Oh those eyes just capture me! 
(And did I mention that 5 years ago today, she became our baby!)

But she was a bit frustrated that she could not find flowers
in our yard that matched the fabric.

As Ahnalin struggles with sensory issues, I have to line
everything she wears. 
This pattern has an unlined bodice and that would not
do for my girly. 
So, I just made a lining using the same front and back pattern
pieces, and captured the hood in between those layers.

I also added a button and used fold-over-elastic to make a button loop.

Ahnalin is long and thin, so I cut her dress in a size 5 for 
width and a size 6 in length. 
The size 6 hits her right at the knee. 

I LOVE this pattern and plan to make more for my girly girl!

Happy Sewing!


Ellie Inspired said...

Oooh! This is GORGEOUS! The rick rack adds so much and look at how professional you are with the lining and the tag! My favorite part of this dress are the big sleeves and the hood. No wonder she loves it so much! Good job!

Julie said...

First of all, happy 'gotcha' day. I still remember your beautiful adventure all those years ago!

Second, if you ever need anyone to volunteer their little girls as hand-me-down recipients, I'm happy to volunteer my two girlios. :o)

Seriously, though, I love seeing what you create. It's such a blessing to me to see how you bless your girls with your gift. Very cool.

Jan said...

Love your combination of fabrics! The denim is perfect. Her pink boots are just too cute!

ShirleyC said...

You did a fabulous job on that dress, and I can tell she loves it. Happy Anniversary of loving your litle girl. She is a doll.

modkidboutique said...

I heart this post so much! Thank you for sharing. Your little Ahnalin is just precious in every way! The 'Sydney' turned out spectacular with all the rick rack and button & loop detail. And I love the fabric combo... so nice to hear she loves it too! Thanks again for sharing this link!


Anonymous said...

Babe, you did it again and again with a perfect fit for our Ahnalin. Love the Girl, Mother and the darling outfit.

Tabitha O. said...

Your creations are not as beautiful as your hit one out of the park again with this dress!

Cole's Corner said...

Love the rick rack and the big button!

Dolores said...

I do love the colours. What a wonderful outfit.

Anita said...

Happy Gotcha Day Sivje & Ahnalin! WOW! Isn't it amazing we're all coming up on #5 already? She's beautiful too, Sivje. And I LOVE the outfits...CUTE! Give your girl a hug from us!

MamaOfTwo said...

SO, SO Cute!!!! Love it!

Karen said...

The dress looks great on your sweetie! I can understand why she loves this dress. All the little 5-8 year olds at my school LOVE hoodies. My daughter has very sensitive skin and I lined everything for her, too. Happy special day!

Jan said...

Count your blessings that she refuses to wear jeans. There will be many more years of sewing girly stuff for your princess. Wonderful dress.

Mrs. Bianca said...

I love this dress! I think this dress has made my top 5 of things you've sewn. Amazing!

chellecrowe said...

I totally want this dress for me! I'm not my taller, just a lot wider than my shouldn't be too hard for you. Hahaha. Xxooo luv you sis