Thursday, February 25, 2010

Yayas Go International!


Yes, this little family of Yayas is going to France!

I am just crazy about this little one! 

This is the child's size small (2-4).

Chinese lanterns for a Chinese princess!
This little beauty is a child's size medium (5-8).

Yummy Ice Cream Cones!
And for the big sister, a child's size large (10-14).

 I know this looks wonky, but it is actually because the apron
is being modeled by a too-small dress form. 

Maybe this is my excuse to get a larger child's size dress form, eh?

After all, one can never have too many dress forms, right? 
(Just smile and nod, OK?)

Can't you just imagine three sisters baking cookies
 together in these aprons?

And for the lovely mama?
We have this chic gray, black and white Yaya Apron.

The woman who ordered these aprons,  Keri Campbell, is 
someone whom I greatly admire.

Not only is she an amazing mama to her three beautiful daughters,
but she is a published author!

She wrote Lily 
a children's book about a baby girl adopted from China.

Like my Ahnalin, one of Keri's beautiful daughters was born in China.

I can't wait to see pictures of Keri and her daughters in their Yaya Aprons!!

Just a few more aprons to help you dream of baking cookies
with your girls, grandgirls, or little friends.

The lilac umbrella print apron on the left is a
size large (10-14).

And the pink floral is a small (2-4).

The pretty green apron in the back is in one 
of my favorite Mary Engelbreit prints and is 
a misses size.

And this one? 

Oh I love how very "vintagey" it is!

Oh wait, maybe it is because of the red and aqua combo? 

But this little lovely is in the misses size.

And I am crazy about it.

So, you may be asking yourselves, 

"When will we be able to get our hands on that pattern?"
The answer is "SOON!"

Yes, all sizes are drafted now and instructions are being written. 

I still have to get photographs done for the pattern, 

and then it will go out to the testers.

To recap:

The Yaya's Apron pattern will have
Child's size Small (2-4)
Child's size Medium (5-8)
 Child's size Large (10-14)
and  the Misses size (fits most people, including fluffy girls like me!)


Keep your ears to the ground and soon I will be announcing this pattern.


Oh, and one more little note.

The Hot Rockin' Hubby and I are taking our girls to San Francisco
tomorrow afternoon, for the weekend.
I will post pics of the Chinese New Year Parade when I get back!!!!!
So, if you email me, or place an order, it may be a few days
before I get it.
If you become inspired to sew a
Monkey Girl Bloomer Skirt this weekend,
your best bet is to purchase the pattern from YCMT,  as they are instant downloads.

Thank you all and have a beautiful weekend.


Rettabug said...

These little aprons are just darling, Goose! I ♥ each one as much as the next.

You sure have been busy & I'm thrilled to hear your patterns are doing so well for you. Keep up the good work. :)


ps Thanks for your kind words about Ms. C. & my smocking. I truly appreciate your encouragement.

Sara said...

love the YaYa's!!! really cute apron pattern!!!

Mika said...

I can't wait until you get the pattern done, I LOVE those aprons!!!! If you need another tester, you let me know lol. Have fun in San Fran!

Christine said...

I just love all of them, so darling a family of your aprons. I heart them;-)

julia said...

Fantastic job on all these aprons! Wow! You have been busy! Have fun with hubs and girls at the CNY!

LAnderson said...

They are just toooo cute!! I LOVE your dress forms too!!!

michelle said...

Tres belle!!

Holly Days Closet said...

I love these aprons I got one like in an axchange and I love it. If your needed another tester I'd love and be very honored to be one for you.

Lori said...

Love all the aprons but the child size pink flower with brown trim and blue pocket and ruffle is my favorite. Have fun in San Francisco

donna said...

These aprons are gorgeous! I love aprons and hope to get one of your patterns when they become available. I hope you enjoy your trip. There's nothing like family time. Take care and God Bless.

Rettabug said...

Feta cheese AND sun dried tomatoes on my chicken recipe, huh? I'll have to make a note of those on the original recipe for the next time. Thanks for the tip, Goose!! :D

Bunny said...

The aprons are so darling. Enjoy your weekend in the big city.