Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Steak and Artichokes Kind of Day

Happy Anniversary India!!!

 Yes, that would be grilled London Broil.


On the grill!

Well, it is February and there is not currently snow on the ground, so we grilled it.

And artichokes?

Well, that spells "Celebration" in our house.

Nothing fancy, just trimmed, steamed and ready to eat. 


Yes, yesterday was India's 7th anniversary of her diagnosis of
Type 1 diabetes, also known as Juvenile Diabetes.

Seven years ago, India was told how different her life would be.

And it was hard. 

Really, really hard. 

But India decided to meet the challenge head on.

She refused to let this disease define who she was to become.

Well.......maybe a little bit, but not in a bad way.

India fights her disease every day.

And she fights for those with the disease.

We were, and are, so proud that she successfully pulled off

She raised awareness of Juvenile Diabetes and raised nearly
$1000.00 to give to the Diabetic Youth Foundation.

She is currently in the interview process to work as a counselor at
Bearskin Meadows Camp, the DYF camp for young people
growing up with Diabetes.

Diabetes is a struggle.

A challenge.

But we choose to celebrate her anniversary,
almost as an Old Testament "Ebenezer".
The word Ebenezer means
"Thus far hath the Lord brought us.

And the Lord is bringing us through this daily.

We are so grateful that God has given us our beautiful daughter.
And we are so grateful that even with this disease, in spite of it,
she is thriving.

Please continue to pray that we find out how to keep her healthy.
Next week, we see an immunologist at U.C. and we are praying that she is
able to get to the bottom of India's immune system issues.
The last month has been filled with so many different doctors.
I am tired of it all, but then so is India.

Thank you all for your prayers. 
They mean more than you could know.

Much love to you all.



Anonymous said...

India is truly an awesome girl, Sivje! She deserves some bbq steak and steamed artichokes! :D

donna said...

May God bless you and yours. Juvenile diabetes has been in our family for many generations. I know how proud you must be of her. She is a determined fighter. I can see it in her face. She is a beautiful young woman. I pray for wisdom for her doctors, that they will know how to help her. I love the look of that grilled steak. I don't think I could even find our grill in all this snow. Take care and God bless.

Tabitha said...

I can say it any better than your previous comments....hope she enjoyed her dinner!

Christine said...

That looks so delicious! You are so wonderful and India is such a strong and inspirational girl!

~* Aria *~ said...

Strong young woman, India. :)

David and Sarah said...

My husband also has Type 1 diabetes, although it didn't become active until he was 31 years old! I didn't even know that was possible, at the time. It is such a hard disease. Praying for your precious daughter.


Laura L. said...

India is a beautiful and strong girl. I'm proud of her, and she's not even mine. :)
Please let us know what the doctor has to say.
OH MY, that food looks great! How wonderful that you do this for her each year.
Such wonderful parents.

julia said...

I have been and will continue to be praying for this beautiful, talented daughter of yours.

Jacki said...

beautiful!!! and the steak looks divine. We're grilling some today, here. We grill all year 'round here. We grilled our Christmas eve dinner!