Friday, February 5, 2010

Ahnalin's Dolls And A New Outfit

Chinese New Year is approaching,
and all self respecting Chinese Princesses must have a new outfit, right?
Ahnalin wants to wear dresses every day but prefers leggings to tights 
due to her Sensory Processing stuff. The seams on the toes of tights drive her batty.
But she is super skinny and finding leggings to fit her is nearly impossible.

Mama To The Rescue!
I make her leggings in a tiny size and just lengthen them to fit her.
Both the leggings and long sleeve top are from older Ottobre magazine patterns.

The dress is from an older New Look pattern, number 6689.
I have sewn up this pattern so many times. I love it!
And for a skinny kid, it has a really nice fit. 
I am not sure if this pattern is still for sale, 
but you can purchase it as a PDF download
For the record, Ahnalin is 5 1/2 and she fits the size 3.

See how cute the Chinese girls are?
This is "Chinese Kids" from Michael Miller. 
I love how the foldover elastic matches the pink eyelet trim and the daisy buttons.
I bought the pink and orange knit from Myrinda at Fabric Hound a while ago, 
and the pink foldover elastic even before that. And I am so glad to tie 
them all together in one outfit.
So, what does the princess think of this outfit?
Well, for some reason she went into warrior princess mode.
Now, demure and sweet.
Drama Queen
My sweet little one.

Her face is cracking me up! She is stuffing rag dolls to send to 
She told me "Mama, my hand is too big to fit all the way in her head!" 
Ahnalin and I have completed 2 dolls and are almost done
with the 3rd. We have two more cut out to start sewing tomorrow.
It is going a bit slower than we would like due to a super busy schedule.

Why am I so busy, you ask?
Well, just this week I have had my oldest daughter, India, at 3 different doctor appointments. 
And we do have several more to go. 
But I do believe that we will really learn answers soon as to why she gets so sick.
On Wednesday after school, she had allergy testing to determine 
if that was playing a part in her repeated illnesses.

Guess what! 
India is not allergic to anything other than the glue used in most medical tapes, and penicillin.
She is also allergic to walnuts and pecans but we already knew that.
So, she does not have any tree, hay, grass, animal, etc allergies.
But she has chronic sinus and ear infections. 
So, the next step there is meeting with the ear, nose and throat doctor,
which will happen in a week.

She also saw the orthopedist about her ankle which has a growth on it. 
She will be having an MRI very soon to determine what is growing there, and why
her ankle sprains so often........other than her lack of inherent grace!
(Shall we talk about her issues with gravity??)
Yeah, I am a mean mom, but I made her spaghetti tonight and 
she is loving me big right now because of it!

And then yesterday, we met with a hormone specialist, not her diabetes 
endocrinologist, but someone to help her with her Poly Cystic Ovarian Disorder.
This doctor tied together a whole bunch of loose ends for us and we feel like
she may have hit on some major things. 

So, at her suggestion, India will be making some major dietary changes.
And because I know I need to do the same thing, I will be joining my daughter on this new
adventure to health. And then Don decided to hop on the bandwagon.
Meanwhile, Ahnalin gloated that she does not have to give up milk and pasta like we do.
Good thing she is cute because she was being a stinker!

Still to come are visits to the immunologist at U.C. Davis, the E.N&T doctor, and some more bloodwork and other tests.
We are going to help India regain our health if it kills us!! 
Ok, that was a bit dramatic, but you parents of "special" kids know what I mean.

Thank you all for your prayers. Please keep them coming!

Now, back to sewing dolls for me!


Megan said...

Thanks for the update girl! I love Ahnalin's outfit. Gosh she is so cute!!! I'm praying for your girl India. I hope all gets figured out and she is well again! Love to you all! ((hugs)) Meg

donna said...

I just love the outfits you made. They all look so beautiful. I am wondering where I might could find a leggings pattern for my girls. Possibly a large in girls or even a small in womens. I am not too experienced in sewing with a pattern so I would need something simple. I pray for India and all of you. I am reminded of the old footprints poem. God will carry you through. God Bless.

Jane Steen said...

Love the outfit! If only I could sew...

I gave up milk a few months ago on a hunch. ALL SORTS of annoying things cleared up. Several were hormone-related, and as soon as I noticed this I switched our family to organic milk. Hizzoner complains because it costs twice as much as regular milk, but sorry, that was a real wakeup call for me.

I am also buying organic or at least natural as much as I can. For a long time I've been aware that when I'm in continental Europe (where farming is done on a lot less industrial scale) I feel healthier than when I'm in the States. We are paying the price for cheap food with our health. I do hope you can find a solution for India soon.

Laura L. said...

That is a really cute outfit. I love to see your creations. :)
Jadyn used to have a dress made from that fabric. I was sad when she outgrew it.
I'm glad things are coming along, with all of India's testing. The India Research. :) That's a pretty picture of her.

hollym. said...

Darling outfit, Siv! Anna is the same age and in the same size as your little sweetie.
India is still in my prayers, Sivje. Here picture is so pretty.

Take care! said...

Love, love, love the chinese girls outfit!! If only I could wear something like that! said...

Love, love, love the chinese girls outfit!! If only I could wear something like that!

Bunny said...

Ahnalin's dress is adorable, Sivje. I am glad you are on the aggressive path to find out what is happening with India. Prayers you find answers soon.

everythingsewing said...

I just love Ahnalins dress, the fabirc is precious.

Prayers continue for India, I know you will find out what the problem is.

MommytoAJ said...
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MommytoAJ said...

this fabric is adorable... and of course so is your girlie... she always makes me smile. ps. Jessie is the same way with leggings vs. tights.

Naomi said...

It is good to hear about Indie's progress. I have to tell you that one of the things I am so excited to return to the states for is the health care. It is socialist over here and awful! I know that Obama wants to make US health care like here but I say.... no way!!! Having experience the difference!! I have thyroid issues which were diagnosed there in the States shortly after my ovarian cancer was cured through surgery. I feel so tired all the time and have other strange symptoms and am scheduled for an MRI scan in March for my head. But I think that it is just my thyroid and I need my dose increased but they will not increase it here because they say that my numbers have not changed! (They do not recognise the numbers the same here as they do there). So hence, I am looking forward to getting back and really getting checked out!!!

I'll pray for a break through for you but know that you are in the best possible hands!!! As well as God's of course :)