Thursday, February 18, 2010

Chinese New Years at Kindergarten

was a big day for Ahnalin!!!

She got to celebrate Chinese New Year
with her kindergarten class!

We got to bring snack for the class.
We brought Mandarin Oranges, which are actually grown locally, and so delicious.
We also brought locally baked Fortune Cookies
Of course, Fortune Cookies were originally made in San Francisco,
not China. But we had to include them anyway.
Another kindergarten mom picked up rice and chopsticks that were
donated by a local Chinese restaurant.
She also brought those yummy almond cookies, but since they have
both corn syrup and red dye, Ahnalin could not have them.
Instead, her friend Reagan shared some of her sesame candy.

Notice Ahnalin's hair.
We tried to make it look like Kai Lan's hair but it looks wonky now.

It was fun watching the kids try chopsticks.
Ahnalin used to handle chopsticks like a pro, 
but we do not eat Chinese food often enough anymore for her
to stay in practice.

We got to share about Ahnalin's name.
This is a calligraphy that Ahnalin's grandfather had made
for her in San Francisco. She is very proud of it.
Ahnalin loves the doll that we bought for her at the Forbidden City.
You can really see it, but the doll's jacket is the same
fabric as that of Ahnalin's "Qipao". 
We bought the doll before we adopted Ahnalin, but had
the dress made a few days later, in a different city.
This dress us a size 2 and still fits her around.
But the slits in the side are way too high up now and the 
dress is no longer full length.
So I had to make her some new black leggings to wear underneath it.
 The children cut out red paper lanterns and covered them with

Later, Ahnalin passed out Lai See, which are
the traditional red envelopes with 
lucky pennies inside. 
And to finish out a lovely day at kindergarten
I read our favorite "China Book" to the class.
If you have not read this book, I highly recommend it.

Ahnalin was very proud to share with class. 

So proud that I discovered this yesterday when I downloaded the pics from the camera.

She had hijacked the camera while her sister was baby sitting her.
Don and I were at rehearsal and had no idea what was happening at home.
I actually found 5 different takes of this, so Ahnalin must have 
done it several times. In each one, she is stuffing her mouth with fortune cookies!
I truly wonder what India was doing at the time since Ahnalin was busy with the camera
for quite a while. Hilarious!!!



Amy said...

That looked like a fun day. She is so cute!

hollym. said...

Oh, My!, Siv, I'm cracking up here!! I just want to give that girl a squeeze!! I see acting in the future!:)

Where did you get the little teapot in the first picture, Sivje?

Goosegirl said...

Holly, that little teapot is from one of those little teasets you find in Guangzhou. I think the set was like $6.00 when we were there. I bought several different designs and gave them as Christmas presents. I SO wish I had bought more.

Jane Steen said...

That's hilarious! The princess is even cuter on video than in her pictures.

I love her qipao... it's a pity it's getting small. Why don't you make her a new one? She'd look lovely in a red one, or perhaps in a totally nontraditional print.

BTW are you following Style Rookie? I think you should. Google her. said...

That is the cutest video ever!! She is beautiful and adorable! That is so cool that the 2 of you gave her class a presentation! You're a great mom!
xo Kathi

Sara said...

how fun!!! Ahnalin is such a little doll!!!

David and Sarah said...

Such a little sweetie! And what a fun day for her.

We love Ruby's Wish, also.


in a world of my own said...

LOL I love the video!

C.C. Almon said...

What a cutie!!!! I was laughing out loud listening to her. I can't imagine how many fortune cookies she must have eaten. Tell her that Damaris & I love fortune cookies too! :-)

LAnderson said...

She's soooo darling and you are soooo blessed - actually she is very blessed to have a mommy that loves her soooo much!

KBriggs said...

OMGosh, Sivje!!!!
she is ADORABLE!!!! and very confident in herself. good job mama, you are raising such a wonderful and loving daughter.

donna said...

Looks like such a fun day and the video is adorable. Thanks for sharing. God bless.

julia said...

Ahnalin is such a lucky little girl to have parents who are bringing her up to be so confident and proud of her heritage. She is obviously very smart, and oh, so pretty! I wanted one of her fortune cookies. She made them look so yummy! Great job, mom!!!

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

Thank you for sharing your laugh!
Too cute, that she had hijacked the camera...and too smart that she knew how to use it...and set it up where she could talk....Has she been watching Survivor Man?

Lisa said...

What a great day you all had. Her video was just darling, thanks for sharing!

Melinda Cornish said...

what a doll!

Tiffani said...


Marika said...

so cute! and when did she grow up? just last april, okay- almost a year ago, she was so little! glad she got to share with her class.

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