Monday, March 1, 2010

Perfect Weekend in San Francisco

Just the four of us!

On Friday, Don and I packed up the girls and took off
for the weekend to San Francisco. 

Because Don works at our church, it is very, very rare for us
to take off for a weekend. 

But this weekend was the Street Festival and Chinese New Year Parade
in San Francisco and we had not been down since Ahnalin was 3. 
Both girls had been begging to go, so I got busy looking for deals
and doing some extra sewing to make this getaway possible. 
Don requested the weekend off and neither India or I were on 
the schedule to sing!

Family time!!!!

Actually, this picture was taken today at the San Francisco, on this
cool bronze sculpture of a gaggle of geese! 
Perfect setting for a Goosegirl family picture, right?

Let's just pretend I have makeup on and that Ahnalin's eyes open.
Hey, we are all 4 in the same shot and no one is frowning. 
Looks like a win to me!

So, on Friday, I had to take India to a whole day's worth of medical appointments
at Sutter Hospital for her diabetes stuff. This has been a really bad week for her
health issues and she has felt pretty rotten. 
But after the appointments, and in the midst of a HUGE rainstorm, 
we met up with Don and headed down to "The City". 
The weather was so nasty that it took much longer than we expected.
We had planned on going to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants on the Peninsula
but with the weather slowing every thing down, we decided to eat
in Sacramento on the way down. 

So, proving what AWESOME parents we are, we took the 
girls to their "absolute most favoritist in the whole world" restaurant. 

You can laugh if you want!!!


After dinner, we drove to our hotel near the airport and crashed into bed.

Saturday morning, we met up with India's friend Ryan, who lives in the city. 

We parked just below Union Square and headed for Macys!

It was a morning of trying on prom dresses and shoes. 
India found a super cute prom dress on sale for $14.99!
I will still make her actual prom dress, but for India, 
little party dresses like this, if you add her red cowboy boots 
and a denim jacket, are everyday wear. 

Then it was into Betsey Johnson!
India had never seen real Betsey Johnson clothes
and I was amazed that there were clothes there just like
Betsey made popular when I was in high school,
in the dark ages of the mid 80's.
The store was really quiet so the sales girl played
dress-up with India. We had no intention of buying anything, 
and told her that, but she was having so much fun putting outfits on
India that we just let her.

From there, we went to one of my most favorite 
stores in the whole world!!!


Oh I love that store! It is four floors of the most amazing 
fabrics and trims. One whole floor is trim!!!!

These two shelves are just two of the shelves holding all cotton RICK RACK!

The fabric is pricey but oh, so gorgeous!


I did not buy much at all, but I had to get SOMETHING!
So, I bought 10 yards of white all-cotton rickrack, a yard
of the black, white and red lace to make a belt for India's new dress, 
and the goose embroidered trim. I have plans for that trim!

The fabric was a remnant of striped seersucker. I love that stuff!
I thought I had gotten good pics of the Street Fair on Grant Street in Chinatown.
Uh, I guess not. This was the ONLY ONE!
But I do love it.
This was actually after the parade was over.
Ryan stole India away for a girly lunch of sushi (In Chinatown, Really???)
and Don and I got lunch with Ahnalin and headed over to the park.
This is Ahnalin's favorite park in the whole world!

Yes, my daughter wanted a foot long hot dog in Chinatown.

Three cute girls waiting for the parade to start.

Girls in boots

A tired Ahnalin snuggling Daddy

This is the head of the 100 foot dragon.
There were several dragons in the parade and each
had to be carried by many, many people.

Huge golden tiger float

We watched the whole parade, ate yummy frozen yogurt
and then called it a night.

Yesterday we went to the San Francisco Zoo.
It was another beautiful, cool clear day.

We got to enjoy lemurs.

My favorite penguins!

Goats in the petting zoo!

A baby gorilla!

Carousel Ride!

India and me while Ahnalin is on the carousel.

Daddy and his India.

Miss Mass, this is for you.
Ahnalin had to have a picture with the "Gentle Giraffes".

For those of you praying for good weather and health for us this weekend,


There was no rain, and for the most part, the girls stayed healthy.
We are back home now and had a wonderful, wonderful
time as a family. As our girls are growing up,
I am seeing how fleeting and precious this time is.
I am so grateful that we had this special weekend.

Now.....back to my sewing and pattern design!


Tabitha said...

Oh what a beautiful weekend! So jealous that you went to Britax...hope India gets some answers soon and you all have a lovely week!

julia said...

Oh the memories you made this weekend!! I'm glad it went so well! That's a really cute dress for 14.99!! Wow! Your family is great!!

Mrs. Bianca said...

I love Ahnalin's shoes! Where did you find them? Also, that picture of you and India is precious. It is just oozing love!

glad you had a fabulous weekend and thanks for sharing so I could live vicariously!

Bunny said...

What a wonderful family weekend! You shared it beautifully with your photos and I could feel all the excitement. A great share!

donna said...

Thank you so much for sharing your pictures. Looks like everyone had a great time. What fun! Enjoy your day and God bless. said...

I am very glad you were all able to get away! You looked so tired and in need of it! Must admit, I am a little bit jealous!!!

Mona @ la la by mona said...

So glad you all were able to get away for a few days. I'm sure it was a nice break for all of you.

I love San Fran! I've been there one time and it was sunny every day and just gorgeous!

Hugs and prayers for India!

Karen Platner said...

aren't we lucky to live so close to such a beautiful city as SF. No...if we could just access it more :)

Crys said...

What a great weekend trip. You make me want to load up Mr. Man and head to CA for a bit LOL

The picture of Ahnalin and the goat is amazing! I love the look in her eyes.

April said...

I'll take all of that rick rack, please. :)