Monday, March 22, 2010

My India

I am once again asking for prayer for my 18 year old daughter, India.

Yes, she is sick again. 

This time, she has had bronchitis for almost 2 weeks, 
though we only got the diagnosis on Friday. 

I just get sick of taking her to the doctor and 
having her be on antibiotics all the time. 

She was out of school most of the week and even
missed a special birthday party on Friday night. 

However, the birthday girl also happened to be 
the daughter of our family doctor,
whom we had just seen for the diagnosis.

But she felt too rotten to go anyway.

We were working hard to get India well so that she would be able to sing.

You see, she was to sing on a very special feature song
on Sunday in the regular services.

Normally India sings with the high school band, 
and she does a great job.

But this week, the feature song was a 
very important song to India, and 
so she requested to
audition for a chance to sing the song.

What happened was truly a gift.

A dear friend, and fellow vocal team member
Heather Henderson sang the song
with India as a duet. 

In addition, one of India's friends, Rachel (in the picture with her),
and another friend of mine, Cassie, who are both
truly gifted dancers, choreographed 
a dance to the song.

The song "Stand in the Rain"
by Superchick

talks about the importance of enduring through even
the hardest pain. 
And we know that that endurance only comes through

And the dancers mirrored
India and Heather singing, 
showing the importance of mentorship 
and support when a person is struggling
to stand for what is right. 

The song reflects so much
the fight that India fights every day, 
just to survive and beat her disease.
India managed to sing the song in each of the three services.

She did a beautiful job. 

She made me cry.......

 in a good way.

Yet after each time, 
she crashed back into a deep sleep  

Yes, this lovely picture is the green room
backstage at our church. 
I am not exactly sure what various props are in this picture
but it cracks me up. 
India was really not feeling well here.

She has plenty of makeup on so she did not 
fade out under the lights. 
I am trying to upload the video of the song. 
So if you want to see it, let me know and I will try.

I am so proud of my girl.

Please continue praying for her. 

She needs all the prayer she can get.

We are trying to get her well enough to get back to school.
On Wednesday, we have another appointment
with the immunology clinic at U.C. Davis. 

I am praying for better answers than last time. 

She is struggling with her blood sugars and 
ketones, just like every time she is ill.

It is not fair.

Here is India with my Daddy. 
Even though her makeup still looks 
good, I can see that she is really starting 
to fade in this picture. 

Please just pray for her healing.
Thank you all so much.

I know I owe you all a good sewing post and 
some other things. I will get to them.

Love to you all.



Sewconsult said...

Definitely will have India in my prayers. I certainly know what it's like to have a sick diabetic. I told Andrea about India & you following my blog. I will have her add India to her pray warriors at work.
Hugs from one Mom to another.

ShirleyC said...

She will be in my prayers. Please keep us posted.

Cindy said...

I'll be praying for her!! She is such a beautiful girl....both inside and out!!!

Sew Pretty Dresses said...

Still praying for her.

Naomi said...

I'll make sure I pray for her even more!!! She is such a light and such a beautiful girl. How it must break your Momma's heart!! I wish lots of Yorkshire tea was the answer because I'd get loads sent out to you at once!!

Love and prayers to you,

Rettabug said...

What an amazing child India is...she continues to muddle through inspite of her diabetes & she looks beautiful throughout.

I've been sick a great deal this winter too & just yesterday bought some Ester-C to add to my vitamin regime. I hear it is especially good. I was also told to get on some extra Vit. D even though it is in my Calcium tablet. It, too, is supposed to help boost one's immunity. Of course, you should run that by her doctor before starting her on any extra pills. I'm just saying.
Will keep your whole family in prayer.


joanne lendaro said...

Sending good thoughts and prayers your way...

Tabitha said...

Sending good thoughts your way....

Jane Steen said...

Poor India. How tough for her to be ill all the time. I'll pray for insight for those doctors - there must be a solution!

I was talking to Ally about you and how beautiful India's spring dress is (we were looking at the lovely dresses on, Ally is starting to get into vintage) and she remembers India! Isn't it amazing that our little girls have both become beautiful women. That sure sneaks up on you.

donna said...

I will pray for healing for her. I would love to see the video. She must have great love for Jesus to sing for him when she obviously felt so bad. I admire her for her dedication. Take care and God bless.

LAnderson (SewNso @ Southern Stitches) said...

Awe - she's such a beautiful girl and has been blessed with a family that loves her sooo much - not only her biological family, but her spiritual family too! God will bless her! I pray she gets well soon! I can't wait to see the video - sounds amazing!

God's Grace said...

Praying for India

Christine said...

lots of prayers on the wing sivje ~*~

Bunny said...

Poor heart. I am so sorry she continues with her struggle, valiantly I might add. She is so pretty and we all know she is so talented too. What a special girl!

hollym. said...

Absolutely, Siv, India is in my prayers.

Julia said...

I already have India in my prayers. What a brave girl she is! You must have a humongous church! I'd love to see the video!

Laura L. said...

She looks so pretty in the photos. I am praying for her. Tell her we're cheering for her too. :)
God IS able!
She is also blessed to have you for her mom.
Keep us posted.

Forever You said...

wow Sivje!! I love your work! And the girls are beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like her bronchitis is being complicated by a virus. Have her checked for Mononucleosis. Also, make sure they do a white blood cell count on her.
Hope she gets well soon.