Saturday, September 19, 2009

Lovely Lace and a Little Bit of Pink

Over the years, I have been the very blessed recipient of many beautiful and needful sewing gifts. Occasionally, I have received lovely, old handmade laces. While I gratefully accept these precious pieces, I often wonder how someone could part with these treasures. I have never tried to make lace, and have tried, but failed miserably to crochet and knit. So I am in awe at the dedication required to make lace. It is beautiful. And it makes me so respect the women of these nearly lost arts. And I feel such a connection with these artists as I hold these lovelies, just as they held them during the many, many hours of labor.

After many moves, across the country and back again, I finally am going through the boxes, cataloging, organizing, cleaning, and restoring the many treasures I have been given. And I was just a bit terrified at the thought of cleaning these often delicate pieces. Some are small, some are shaped like collars, and some are several yards long.

Ever since seeing this dress in Sew Beautiful magazine, which was sewn by my friend Laurie,  I fell in love! I showed the dress to India and we started to plan for her own graduation dress. She will graduate high school in June, and she deserves a really beautiful dress! And so this lace will be a lovely enhancement to a beautiful dress for my gorgeous and talented daughter. Because I have so many patterns, and often design my own, I rarely purchase patterns. But this one, I ordered.

So, knowing that we are just 9 months from graduation, and those months will fly, I decided to put my fears away, and tackle the job of cleaning these laces.  I had read an awesome tutorial from another sewing friend of mine, Bunny,  and decided that I could do it! So......I did it! And it worked! I was able to get almost all of the spots out, except for two, and I never touched a drop of bleach! Amazing!

I love these. They are so perfect that I wondered if they were machine made. But as I inspected them, I found knots, in different places on each flower. And each flower or leaf is slightly different. But they are perfect. I can just see these on the skirt of the dress. Oh, so beautiful.

Thank you Laurie and Bunny for your wonderful inspiration. And I want to thank the talented artists who made these delicate pieces, and the kind people who gave them to me to appreciate. I wish I could remember who they are, but it has been many years since I received them.

Ok, now you get to see something rare. Well, I am not sure if this little toy sewing machine is rare or not. But, what I mean is the rarity of the purchase.  I am not a person who spends money on my self. I will purchase fabric and notions, but usually only to make clothing items for my children or clients, or for items to sell. I have a terrible fear of purchasing anything that could be construed as even remotely "frivolous". Money is almost always tight and I am extremely frugal.

Well, I love the color pink. And I have wanted a pink Singer Featherweight sewing machine ever since I saw one on another blog. Oh......I was GREEN with envy (another rarity for me). I am usually very content, and struggle with wanting things for myself when we have so many other places for money to be of use. But OH! I wanted that sewing machine!

So, I have been on the lookout for a pink machine. I do not need another machine. Really!
But since I have been selling my Bloomer Skirt pattern, I had some money in my Paypal account. Oh. Well.  You  do know that Ebay takes Paypal, right? Um.... So, I found this little pink TOY sewing machine. I HAD to have it! I was surprised even at myself! I mean, I am the kind of girl who has asked for wool socks and a new iron for birthdays and Christmas. I am practical! This little pink beauty is NOT practical. Not at all.

But it is MINE! I love it and am so happy I bought it. It makes me smile to see it.

So, I guess I had better get to work on the next pattern so I can make some more money, right? I may get that pink Featherweight yet!

Oh, and to reiterate yesterdays post, I am going to have another giveaway soon! And I want to make sure that I can reach the winner, when it is time. So, if you want me to test your email from your comments, just ask me to send you a test email.
I pray you have a beautiful weekend!


AnnMarie said...

ooohhhh those laces are drool-worthy girlfriend!

And the little pink sm is too too too cute!!!

And now you've got me looking at that dress for my Emmy's graduation from HS - she's supposed to graduate on the 23th of June. When is India graduating?

But the thing is I've never ever done any heirloom-type sewing!!!!!!! I sense some more midnight calls to California for help!!! LOL


julia said...

I love lace too. I will send you the name of a book that my sil's aunt put together about laces. It is a beautiful book. You deserve something frivolous every now and then. Everyone does. I can understand your feeling about the pink machine. It is a true treasure.

Tabitha said...

very beautiful and I love the pink machine...

Anonymous said...

I love lace! I bought some from England through eBay and used some of it to trim a housedress. It's like frosting on a cake.

Oh what fun it would be to sew on a pink machine! Like playing house. I think Featherweights are so cute and would love to have one, too. I've never seen one in pink.

Beth Barcellos Bell said...

Love the dress you'll be making for India's graduation, Sivje---so beautiful, so feminine! I love lace....I do thread crocheting, and I know the work that goes into making that have some really beautiful pieces! The pink sewing machine is a cutie!!