Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"Gadeek" Picnic and Ahnalin Back in School

I am a few days behind here, so please pardon me.
What am I doing with myself all day that I can't manage to keep up to date on the blog?? And most of it is not even sewing since my Janome is STILL in the shop after 2 whole months! I am gonna die here! (ok, a bit over the top, but you know what I mean, right?)

Every year on the Saturday of Labor Day Weekend, the Greek side of our family has a HUGE (!!!!) picnic at De Anza Park in the South Bay area. It is pretty much assumed that you WILL attend, and to be honest, we never want to miss. Family comes from all over the world for this picnic. The food is fabulous, the games are goofy, the laughter is big, and the kids just keep growing up.

Here are India and her cousin Jamie. They hardly ever get to see each other but they showed up in matching outfits!

Most of this side of the family is Pontic Greek, having immigrated from Fatsa and Ordu Turkey. These family members were chased out of Turkey by Mustafa Kimal Attaturk, in the death marches just after World War 1. Not much has been written about this time in history for these people. But the Pontic Greeks and Armenians were Christian and were being exterminated by Attaturk who was Muslim. The families came through Ellis Island, so many people in the family have "Ellis Island" names, meaning that their sur names have been altered to be more "American".

I am not Greek. I took a "Bundt". Remember that scene in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"? Yeah, let's just say that this movie is pretty realistic! Haha!

Notice that Ahnalin is not exactly being calm here. She was dying to play. And I finally let her go in the bounce house as long as she did not jump hard.

I completely spaced on handing my camera to the official photographers for the huge group shot. But it was a really big group and lots of fun.

On the first day of school, Ahnalin's Kindergarten teacher asked me to make two little vests out of this giraffe minkee. Ahnalin's class is called the "Gentle Giraffes", as each preschool and kindergarten class has a theme. These little vests are to be worn by the "Student of the Day".

On Ahnalin's first day back to school after her arm surgery, she was chosen as "Student of the Day" so she got to wear the vest, be line leader, sing the days of the week song, etc. She LOVES the attention.

Wednesday is my day in the classroom, so I got to hang out with Ahnalin and her cool friends. It was a lot of fun and I got lots of little girl hugs.
I am praying that Ahnalin manages to not break any more bones so she can have a great year!


pwnmom said...

I love it!! I loved My Big Fat Greek Wedding-- cracks me up! And my family isn't Greek, but I would almost think they way they act (and do food) that they are... That's hilarious that you took a Bundt cake... hilarious!

Amy said...

Kindergarten was just the best time ever for ME and for my girls! I loved that age - so loving and eager to learn.

Cute vest and GREAT idea!

seamsgreat said...

Ahnalin looks happy to be back a school! I love "My Big Fat Greek Wedding". The movie reminds me of my Brother and SIL's wedding except it would be "My big Fat Cajun Wedding"

April said...

How fun that you got to be there for her first day back! I am volunteering once-a-month... and my time is about 10 days away. I can't wait!