Monday, September 14, 2009

Ahnalin in New Dress and Owie Bow Wowie

When Ahnalin picked out her fabric for her very girly sling, she also requested a dress to match. She loves this dress pattern "Teatime Dress & Coat" by Indygo Junction for it's extreme "twirlability". And I liked her idea because the dress is easy to get in and out of, important when your daughter is sporting one the most ginormous arm casts in the country.

While I actually refrained from the use of rickrack on this dress, and could not do any machine embroidery, I did make some covered buttons using the little printed strawberries from the Strawberry Shortcake fabric. I love covered buttons!

Ahnalin was blessed with some nice gifts from her friends and one of those gifts was cozy stuffed dog named "Owie Bow Wowie" from my friend Melody. Ahnalin and "Owie" hit it off right away, as Owie has scars and a cast on, which made Ahnalin feel more comfortable. These special puppies are made to give to children in hospitals with major medical conditions. Ahnalin's surgery is minor compared to many of the children who receive these darling doggies. But this great organization is a blessing. If you are wanting to donate to a cause that truly blesses children, click on the link above and see how you can help.

I am so happy to see our girl really smiling again. We have a long way to go with her arm, but she is smiling and God is good. Thank you for the prayers, and please keep them coming.


Desiree' said...

Love the dress!! Hope she feels better soon..

Amy said...

Precious Dress!

The smile on her face, says it all!

Still praying for a speedy recovery!

julia said...

It's great to see that big smile. Of course the dress and beautiful sling and that adorable doggie helped to put it there.

day by day said...

Oh, what a pretty dress...your daughter is just beautiful!! Thanks so much for visiting our blog and for your very kind words. I know there are many people who understand just what we are dealing with.
Have a great evening!!

dhm78 said...

It's SO GOOD to see the twinkle in your sweet girlie's eyes!

Heather said...

What a pretty dress & what a beautiful girl!

BTW - You won my adoption t-shirt giveaway over at

E-mail me ( with the size you would like & your address. I will take care of the rest!

KBriggs said... are such a great mom!
To make a dress that requested so the sling can match? Only a mom can do that for her child. <3

Virginia Janet said...

Her dress is looking really wonderful... Specially, I like the colors of this dress!! Last week, I got new outfit for my niece from Nordstrom...