Sunday, July 12, 2009

Test Pattern Went Out today!

Hi Everyone! I am shaking with nervousness, but I just sent out the first draft of the Monkey Girl Bloomer Skirt to testers! I feel almost, almost the same sense of terror and excitement that I felt while climbing aboard that plan to fly to China almost 4 years ago. I feel like I am embarking on such an exciting trip! In fact, I feel a little sick right now at the thought.
But this has been a dream of mine for a very long time.

I can hardly wait to see what my testers come up with while working on my pattern!

Thank you all who offered to test for me. If I did not use you this time, keep checking back, as I have more designs coming up!


seamsgreat said...

I know they will all be beautiful but I also can't wait to see all the creativity.

It is a wonderful pattern. Are you going to make an A-line version?

Sonia said...

Congratulations!! I know it'll be wonderful.

April said...

I AM (!) going to try this for my daughter for her school uniform.... when I get back from Vermont. ;)

McNew Family said...

Oh my stars - I LOVE this pattern! I have been making my Chick-a-Dee skirts and bloomers - PLEASE let me know when I can purchase your pattern! I would also love to be a tester for you! Come on over and meet us at

Goosegirl said...

Thanks girls!
I am still in the testing/revision process with the pattern but hope to have the pattern available for sale in the downloadable E-book format in the next few weeks. I am really excited!

shaninvb said...

I love it! You designed an adorable outfit!!!!
Praying that it is a HUGE success!