Wednesday, July 29, 2009

No Doubt concert with my girl and my besties

Me and my buddy Melissa. Yeah. I went to a rock concert with no make-up on and wearing a "Wicked" t-shirt. I am pretty comfortable with being uncool.

Melissa's daughter Katie and my India. Let's just say that buying these tickets earned me a few "cool" points even without the make-up.

Yeah, yeah. I am super late in posting this. I have been trying to post the incredible pics that India's friend Katie took of the concert but I am pathetically bad at it. So, just believe me when I say that she took some great pictures!

But last Friday night my dear friend Melissa and I treated our teenage daughters to the No Doubt concert at Sleep Train Amphitheater. The concert was opened by a Swedish band called "The Sound" and then "Paramore" played. The Sound was not impressive. They were very free in their use of foul language which I felt was unnecessary. The girls loved Paramore and they put on a good show. But I was positively star struck by No Doubt. They were INCREDIBLE! I pretty much screamed, sang and danced the whole concert. Yeah, me, the 41 (at that time) year old mom who actually had smocking in her purse, behaved like a teenager. However, I was pretty shamed by the lovely Gwen Stefani. That woman will be 40 this year and she is in such good shape that she can sing while jumping through an entire song. Not just little bouncing, but out right jumping! Yikes! And I know she was actually singing, because she dropped her microphone twice and her voice dropped out.
We sat on the lawn, which was the bargain of the century. The tickets, which I had purchased 3 weeks before the concert, were only $15.00!!! Imax movies are more than that! It was such a deal! However, I heard that the tickets sold out later that day, so we just made it.
The concert was jammed and I have never been in the midst of so many people in my life! There were reportedly 18,500 ticket holders there. That does not even account for the gazillions of vendors, for service people and event staff. But the sound was amazing! Really good! And the special effects were pretty mind boggling.

I have to admit that I did not get crazy and start dancing until No Doubt started their show. So, this was our view for the first two hours of the show!

It was great. We had fun. And that is the end of this story!

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Anonymous said...

Sleep Train Amphitheater! Man that was a great show! I love No doubt and Gwen Stefani. Her abs are amazing! And she's over 40!