Friday, May 29, 2009

Welcome to the Blogging world, you Hot Rockin' Hubby, you!

Yes, I am proud to say that my adorable, ahem, I mean HOT hubby is now a blogger. He is an amazing guitarist and a gifted teacher, writer and singer as well.

Did I mention that he is HOT? Oh yeah!

His blog, The Lonely Guitar Player, will feature guitar technique, guitars, tone, equipment, and, I suspect, lots of music talk. Now I am not a guitarist myself, so the language is not completely familiar to me. But, I am a singer and have been so blessed to have Don as my own personal guitarist for the last 21 years.

In addition to this, Don is the lead guitar and one of the songwriters for the Denny Russell Band.

If you happen to be near Grass Valley or Nevada City, CA this weekend, you can catch Don and the band at Tailgators Sports Bar and Grill. The address is 2075 Nevada City Hwy
Grass Valley, CA 95945. And on Saturday, they will be playing at the Nevada County Fairgrounds for a community race.

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Julia said...

Wow your very own rock star!!!