Monday, May 25, 2009

Making Scones, with a side of Froggy singing

Tomorrow is the last day of MOPS until we reconvene in the Fall. That makes tomorrow our annual Tea Party! YAY! I love tea parties and I love scones, so I volunteered to make the scones.
And low and behold, I had the best helper today, the lovely Ahnalin!

She helped me measure, stir, knead, roll and sprinkle. She ate far more dough than was healthy, and then she helped clean up afterward.

We used the scone recipe from my favorite cookbook. This book actually belongs to my mother-in-law but I use it all the time. I hope she leaves it to me someday, hint, hint.

I love my little vintage sifter. I use it all the time.

Ahnalin took this pic of me wearing an apron that belonged to Don's Yaya since the 1930s. Not the most flattering pic, but I love the apron.

Ahnalin is very serious about her rolling pin technique, therefore some of the scones probably did not rise as much as they could have. But she is one serious roller!

What a mess!

Now Ahnalin gets to do her favorite thing, washing the dishes and tools. She LOVES this! She will spend an hour playing in the sudsy sink. And then, her next favorite thing.....vacuuming. Weird! But Nana bought Ahnalin her own vacuum because she loves it so much. Yeah......we do not share the same gene pool for sure!

She refused to let me brush her hair today. It was a sensory kind of day, so the kneading, rolling, washing and vacuuming all were good sensory stimulation and really calmed her down. She truly loves this stuff, which totally cracks me up.

And the end result of our labors was so yummy! We made 10 dozen scones!

And then, just for fun, a little froggy singing.
Excuse the lack of loveliness on my part. No makeup today and, gee, am I looking old!


Julia said...

You look wonderful. It sounds as if you had a real memeory making day! The scones look so good I can almost taste them across the country!

Sonia said...


You're not helping my Weight Watchers diet... But I sure am glad you guys had so much fun. And the frogs? Well, that's just funny. And no, I don't think they know you are not a frog. If they do, I think they like you.

Laura L. said...

10 dozen scones! That does sound like a good and messy fun time. What flavor did you make?

Love the frog video.

chellecrowe said...

Siv, I am very pleased your tea party scones were such a hit! Only you volunteer to make not one, but 10 DOZEN!!!!blessings be....weluvu,
bella, bambina, and the crazycrewcalledCrowe

Dawn said...

How incredibly ironic. When I belonged to MOPS years ago when my 2 oldest were just little guys I made scones for our end of year Tea Party too!!! My goodness great minds think a like. I went all out and made the fresh cream and homemade strawberry jam and they were a HUGE hit. That was almost 7 years ago and I bumped into one of my MOPS friends just a few weeks ago at the store and she reminded me of the scones I had made and how much she had loved them. I haven't made them in years so now I am thinking I need to make up a big batch of them.

Tabbi said...

I am going to play that video when I see my frogs pop up and see if they answer lol

April said...

Is that an old pickle jar I spied in the background... the one with the flour? or is it plastic? I can't tell... Because I have a rather large pickle jar with that same barrel shape that I store our flour... er... uh, I mean, WHEAT BERRIES in. lol!

Loved the post.

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

What fun! I want some......
And, could you please send your precious daughter to my house for some cleaning time.

Yaya...I have a friend who has a Yaya, is your husband Greek?

Goosegirl said...

Thanks everyone!

Laura, these were just plain vanilla scones.I thought of making lemon or lavender but went with the plain because someone else was making homemade lemon curd.

April, the jar you see is a plastic one that is just like the real glass pickle jar we have. The glass one holds the whole wheat flour. This plastic one has the yucky white flour. But for scones, I think they are lighter with plain white flour. I was not going for health this time, rather I was going for pretty! HAHA!

And Robbie, yes. Don is Greek. I actually cook a lot of Greek food, but I love all things British, hence the scones.