Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm a Wondermommy!

This last week I have been busy sewing lots of gifts as well as testing out Wondermommy's new "Skants" pattern. This is just a darling and very versatile pattern. I sewed up the Skants as well as a pair of capris using the pattern. The pattern comes as an e-book so it is a download and prints off your own printer. There is a skirt, pant, capri, shorts and "Skants" pattern, so you have lots of great things to try. I am still not sure how to do the link thing within a post. I keep trying with the various tools on blogger but I am not figuring it out. If anyone wants to give me any tips, I am open! PLEASE!!!

But in the meantime, I have a blog button for Wondermommy to the right hand side, so if you want to get your hands on this great pattern, click on the button and it will take to right there.

Ahnalin loves her daisies so she had to put one in her convenient back pocket.

These are little capris made from the same pattern. I love that they take so little fabric and go together quickly. I did most of the sewing on my serger, and just topstitching on my regular machine. Super fast and easy peasy!

More back pockets for my girly! I can hardly wait to see how many rocks she collects in these!
Thank you to Mellissa for allowing me to test this fabulous pattern!

In addition to the Skants pattern testing, I had several gifts to make this last week. A dear friend of mine and fellow vocalist ( who is super gifted and amazing, by the way!) is having her first baby in a month. I have been hounding this girl to have a baby for as long as I have known her. And just to spite me ( not really, but I am saying it anyway!) she and her hubby have chosen to wait until the birth to find out who this baby is. So, no hints as to boy or girl! This is soooo frustrating for a girl who loves to sew! So I had to figure out something to make that was not totally boy or girl. So...I made a "Minky Monkey" blanket. OOOOh it was so soft, I had a hard time parting with it. I used this super neat rayon gross grain ribbon as the binding and I am now officially crazy for the stuff. It is so much easier to work with than bias tape and looks so pretty and finished. Oh, and the monkeys are out of Moda's brushed cotton. Super cozy! For some stupid reason, the photo is sideways, though I have edited it to be right side up. Really, I am not computer savvy. Thank God I can sew, cook and sing. Otherwise I would have no skills at all!

The same day as the shower, Ahnalin was invited to a little friend's birthday party. Her friend is a girly girl whose favorite color is pink. This I can handle. Oh, and have I mentioned previously that Ahnalin tells all of her friends that I will sew their birthday presents? Yeah. Oh well, more fun for me and she gets bragging rights.
Ahnalin chose a pillowcase dress for her friend and I loved her fabric choices. I thought about monogramming the dress but literally ran out of time. Still cute though.

Sorry it looks crooked. Did I also mention that I am "not-crooked-bow-tying impaired"?

And the last project I made this week was a swim bag for my cute mother-in-law Lyn, for her birthday. I made this out of the vinyl coated Moda "Dottie" and a remnant from my stash for lining. I love this bag. No pattern, I just winged it, and am really pleased with the results. I thought of putting in a zipper, but went with a flap and magnet clasp instead. I love it! Now I want one for me!

And last but not least, two little happy things that I did not make. The Creator knows how much I love cherries and daisies and blessed me with both today. I love these little "kisses from heaven".

Don't these gorgeous cherries look like two little hearts? They were almost too cute to eat.....almost. Alas, I ate them anyway. And boy were they yummy!

And I was presented with this little bouquet today from Ahnalin. So sweet!

India had made the little vase from a craft kit years ago, and Ahnalin discovered it again, feeling it was just the right size.

I pray you all have a beautiful weekend. Leave me a comment and let me know you stopped by!


Barbara said...

I do love Ahnalin's newest designer clothes! I am going to check out the patterns for DGD [hoping that I can find time to sew soon :)] Glad you are wearing out your machines. Thanks for your lovely inspirations!

AnnMarie said...

Love the clothes (still chuckling at "Skants" love that name!!) Miss Ahnalin is so pretty and I love her "flair" in the photos - she seems like such a happy child!!!

And those cherries were the first thing I noticed up at the top of your blog when I opened it up - WOW how amazing that they look like hearts!!!

Laura L. said...

Hi there,
Wow, what cute, cute things you have made! Oh, if I could have just an ounce of your creativity. LOL
Love the photos, and the one at the top, of Ahnalin is my favorite.
Those cherries are cool too.
Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for testing my pattern! I love the results, and you are a Wondermommy!!!

Lola Nova said...

Love the wondermommy clothes you made, adorable! How do you find all the time to make so much? You are a busy bee. I also love, love that period dress from the previous post, so beautiful.

Goosegirl said...

Thanks girls! And Lola Nova, this cracks me up! I think I am super lazy, so I am always frustrated that I do not sew more. These things are just the fun things to show. I also am constantly doing alterations and mending for other people, which I don't love to do, but it is income. I would much rather be making pretty things. So I sew most nights, until about 2 or 3 in the morning. If I have time today, I have to made a pair of curtains for a client. Those may or may not get shown.... is cleaning day....not one of my gifts.

Colleen said...

Such cute clothes! Ahnalin is blessed...with a wondermommy!

Sonia said...

Lovely, as usual Sivje! Now I see how you get so much done... 2 or 3 in the morning??? Girl!!! You are the woman. I poop out much earlier. Now I see - I am just cutting my sewing time short. Gotta work on that. said...

What fun for Ahnalin to have you testing wondermommy patterns!! She doesn't make teen stuff, does she? And I love all your photos with rocks and daisies...makes me want to go out in this beautiful weather!
Love ya, Kathi

April said...

First, love the blog look (I'm a cherry girl, too - ginormous sucker for them, actually - in print and actually on the tree!!!) Cherries out here won't be ready until June and our family loves to go to the u-pick places.

Anyway, darling little outfit - I think the little pocket is the icing on the cake for those little skants and capris!!!!

April said...

Okay... TOOOOOO funny! I just checked my blog to see if it had been read/commented yet and there hadn't been anything. Then I went to SM, saw your post, came here, posted, then back to my blog to click on other links and noticed a comment.... who could it be? but from you! We must have passed like ships in the night. And, how ironic that I mentioned your cherry background without even knowing your comment yet. God has such a fun sense of humor.

LAnderson said...

Just darling and such a precious beautiful little girl to model too! By the way, I love the new look to your blog - so bright and cherrio! LOL!

Julia said...

Adorable daughter!!1

shaninvb said...

I love it all! I especially love the outfit with the skants! It was awful nice of God to bless you with such a cute model for all of your clothes!