Sunday, August 21, 2011

Twenty Three Years With The Hot Rockin' Hubby

Twenty three years ago today,

I married the love of my life.

 And I love him so very 



very much more now

thank I ever thought possible.

 Don, you are my very best friend.

You are exactly who I wanted

to share my life with.

Every day, 

no matter what happens,

I am glad that we belong to each other.

God must love me very much 

to have given you to me.

I love you,

my love.




Tabitha O. said...

AWWWWW Happy anniversary!

Anonymous said...

We are very grateful for having each of you in our lives and your 2 beautiful daughters. Our LORD is so GREAT!!! Happy 23rd from your parents.

Anonymous said...

I wanted everyone to know that Sivje (our daughter) made her own wedding dress and it was BEAUTIFUL AND SO IS SHE.

Debby said...

Happy Anniversary. What great pictures. Love is good.

Meredith said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I hope you have a wonderful day and many, many more wonderful years and blessings! Your wedding dress is GORGEOUS!!! I hope you saved it for one of your girls to wear if they want one day - although you'll probably just whip them up another gorgeous one :-) I wore my Grandmother's wedding dress and it was so special to me to be able to do so! Have a great day! Meredith

All Things Beautiful said...

Happy Anniversary! It is a wonderful thing to have someone to spend your life with and like them too. ;-)