Friday, August 19, 2011

Pink Plaid For Kylie

I love this plaid.

In fact, it has been included in 
several of my custom dresses lately.

This dress is for Kylie.

Kylie and Ahnalin are 
"China Sisters".

While they are not biologically related,
our families traveled together to 
China to adopt them.  

We are so grateful to have contact
with Kylie's family
so our girls will always have that connection.

Can you tell that I love sewing with plaid?

I love making pockets and growth tucks!

And matching those plaids at seams is
one of my favorite things to do.

It appeals to my "math brain".

The back actually matches up perfectly,
but I could not get a good picture 
that did not have my shadow in it!

I have finished all current custom
garments and have one more to show
you tomorrow.

I am taking a few days off but 
will be taking more custom orders next week.

I am slowly getting well. 
This bronchitis and trip really wiped me out!
I will post trip pictures soon!!

Happy Sewing.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I am so impressed with your matched up plaid. That is one of the reasons I avoid making large projects with it. You have done a gorgeous job!

hollym. said...

Fabulous, Siv!!

Sewconsult said...

Great job. I, too, am a fanatic when it comes to matching plaids. They seem to jump out at me when I see them when not matched...especially on ready to wear.
Beckie in Brentwood, TN

Paige said...

I love the plaid and the lettering combination. Great job matching the seams.

~*Aria*~ said...

I just love that you're as nitpicky about the details as I am!