Thursday, August 18, 2011

On The First Day Of Second Grade........

 she was dressed in pink and purple!

She had requested short puffy sleeves,

lots of ruffles,

a tie belt,

and she wanted plaid fabrics!

I only had a small amount left of
each of these plaids,
but she loved them both.

And she had been waiting to wear her new
pink floral Aster shoes ever since I had bought them
off Ebay last Spring.

Well, as of 9:30 last night,
I still had not cut out this dress.

And her back-to-school-anxiety had been 
in high gear all day.

So, when she FINALLY fell asleep I was able to 
start work on this little dress.

And did I mention that it had to match 
her beloved backpack?

Well, yes.

And if you look closely, 
you will see that her dress also 
matches her purple plaid hand sanitizer holder.

Yes, it did.

We did not need to start walking to school,
until 8:15.

However, she was fully dressed
and wearing her backpack
by 7:30........

begging to leave.......

afraid to be late!

She managed to talk big sis India
into walking with us to school.

India is wearing her huge 
Disney College Program Alumni shirt
and super classy "Perry The Platypus" hat.

She started to see some of her friends arrive!

Most of them were also wearing pink!

I managed to get a few squeezy hugs.

We finally got to go into her classroom 
and find her desk!

She found her new folder, 
with her name on it!

And then, her teacher told 
the parents that it was time for the
school day to start!

India and I walked back home together,
reminiscing about other "first days".

After school, 
we walked back to the school,
to walk Ahnalin back home.

I was hopeful she would have a good day.

However the anxiety of the day,
coupled with being seated next to 
two children who were mean to her last year,
caused Ahnalin to go into a full blown melt down
after school.

I will have to have a talk with her new teacher 
to explain how these children
treated Ahnalin last year.

She is very nervous about one child in particular.

I am prayerful that tomorrow will be a better day.

And tomorrow, I will post another darling 
dress sewn from one of these plaids!

I still have many posts to catch up.

Happy Sewing!


Meredith said...

Sivje, Ahnalin's 1st day of school dress is adorable! It is amazing that you got it all done in one night!! Wow!!! I hope tomorrow is a better day for Ahnalin. Meredith

Paige said...

She's adorable and so is her 1st day outfit! Hoping she has a better day at school tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Totally and completely darling. See you in 1 day and then hugs for each of you.

Debby said...

Adorable work fast and your work is amazing.
Mean kids stink. I would call the teacher straight on about the problem. YOur little girl is too sweet to have that happen.

Tabitha O. said...

I hope that the teacher is understanding and can help her have a more comfortable school experience tomorrow, just so that she feels safer is really what the kids want...gosh mean kids really stink I already had to go in and let the teacher know about one child in my daughter's school which she has an uneasy history with and she was good about it. Great job on the dress can't wait to see the one tomorrow

Sew Pretty Dresses said...

OH I hope they can rearrange the seating! Bless her! Darling dress on a beautiful girl!

Jan said...

I so want some shoes like hers! Love seeing a little girl dress like a little girl (even if she doesn't think she's little anymore). Can't wait to see the next dress. The things we do for our girls.