Saturday, August 20, 2011

Flower Power For Charlotte!

This outfit is for a beautiful little girl
named Charlotte.

Do you remember this post?

Well, Charlotte's mommy,
is a fellow blogger.
She blogs at Merry Stitching.

She remembered this outfit
and ordered one like it for her
little Charlotte.

I did not have enough of the 
Flower Power "Loopy Floral" in the 
fuchsia colorway to make the whole dress.

But, I had some of my favorite pink
plaid and loved how it blended.

I only had enough left of the fabric
to do the skirt and two knotty straps,
but I think the different look is pretty.

I just noticed that little thread on 
the sleeve of the blouse and now it is going
to drive me crazy!

I even had enough of the vintage goldenrod 
cotton rickrack. 

And I had some yellow buttons
that picked up the color nicely.

And I think I like the plaid contrast on the
gathered pockets even more
than the floral contrast on Ahnalin's. 

I could hardly wait to see this on the 
lovely Miss Charlotte herself!

And look what came into my inbox!!!

Isn't she gorgeous!!

Look at those angelic curls!

I love to see little ones in things
I have sewn for them!

And look at this spinning action!

And she looks like she is singing here!

Meredith, thank you so much for the

And thank you all for your prayers.
I am finally starting to get my strength back!

And I am finally, almost caught up
with blog posts!!

I am loving having my India home with us!
I will post the trip photos really soon!!!

Happy Sewing!



Debby said...

Oh she is so cute with those curls. I am always amazed at your sewing. She looks so cute in her dress.

Bunny said...

Love how all the different prints work. Great job, Sivje. Doesn't it just drive you nuts when you find those stray threads in your pics and you can't take another one? Drives me nuts too.

Meredith said...

Sivje, Thank you for making Charlotte such a beautiful outfit!!! She absolutely LOVES it and finds it quite fun to twirl in :-) The plaids are perfect with the florals and the amount of time you put into the details - using different plaids for the pockets, the rick-rack, etc., makes this so special to us and truly one of a kind!! (Oh, you should tell everyone about the adorable ruffles on the blouse under the dress too!!!!) Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your talent with us! And, I'll be keeping my eyes on your blog for something for my older daughter!!! Mere