Saturday, July 2, 2011

54 Hours With India..........

.......and we made every hour count!

India flew in from Anaheim very late
Tuesday night.

This trip was a combination Father's Day
present for Don, and a
"Get'er done" trip for India.

And silly Mama(!!) was having 
so much fun, that she didn't take 
many photos with the camera.
So, you will have to see a few
"trombone arm" photos from my cell phone instead.

Wednesday morning, both girls
climbed into my bed to snuggle 
and watch "Phineas And Ferb".
They have missed each other so much!

So after a morning of serious snuggling,
and Banana Crumb Muffins for breakfast,
(Click that link, you won't be sorry!)
we hopped into the van to head for 
Discovery Kingdom.

We had gotten season passes and 
still needed to get India's picture taken to 
activate hers. 
She can use it at Magic Mountain down South,
and Ahnalin wanted to show her the sharks,
butterflies, walrus, dolphins, sting rays, 
penguins, and...and...and...

Ahnalin had to show her 
the "Walrus window".

They got rock candy together
(no corn syrup or red dye, lucky Ahnalin!)

Ahnalin was hoping that butterflies 
would land on them.

After a few hours at Discovery Kingdom,
we drove back home
and had to get to the church
for rehearsal. 
India worked on her resume in Daddy's office
while Ahnalin hoola-hooped.

After rehearsal, we came home
and ate enchiladas (India's request)
and then India finally got to snuggle with Daddy!

Thursday morning, we went over
to Santa Rosa Junior College
to get India registered, assessed,
financial-aided, and counseled.

India was impressed at how gorgeous
the campus was and how professional 
everyone was.

She is excited to start school again!

Then we ran to the mall,
so she could speak to the manager
of the Disney Store about
working there in the Fall.

The girls bought Tinkerbell Light Up Jelly shoes
to match!
(India's cast member discount works 
at the Disney Store too!)

 Because we did not get to celebrate
India's anniversary in February,
we had our special dinner Thursday night.

We always celebrate India's 
diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes,
because we are grateful for her and 
for each year of health.

India always requests steak and artichokes!

After dinner, we all went to
see "Pirates Of The Caribbean- On Stranger Tides"
at the cheap theater.
The girl's shoes were lighting up the whole time.
It was so funny!
After the movie,
we went home for a few 
short hours of sleep because India's flight
was to leave bright and early Friday morning.

Friday morning, we left the house at 5:00AM 
for the Charles Schulz airport
here in Santa Rosa.
Fortunately it is only a 15 minute drive.

This airport is so tiny, 
that you are actually allowed to park 
right in front, 
as in 15 feet away from the door!

I got the one and only family picture
of this short little visit there at the airport.

It was short, but very nice
Father's Day present for Daddy
to have both of his girls together for a few days.

So, India is back at the 
Disney College Program now.
She graduates from the program
next month.
We are so very proud of her!!!
We miss her so much!!
But we know she has learned so much
and grown up so much while 
working in "Fantasyland".

Thank you for your continued prayers
for my India. 

If you happen to visit Disneyland
between now and 
August 10,
you can visit her at the 
Storybook Land Canal Boats
in Fantasyland. 

Did I mention that I am a proud mama?


Anonymous said...

Love the pics and the comments of our wonderful family. We LOVE each of you so much and certainly look forward to the next time we get to be with you. Bundles of love from grampie and grammie.

Julia said...

What a great time together. Memories are being made!

All Things Beautiful said...

What a wonderful time you all had. I love family time it is the best part of being a family. Sisters are the best and it looks like your two sweeties know how to have fun together too. Your post made me miss my family (sisters and brothers).

Is that a pink paradigm India has on? I hope her health is doing well. I know it isn't always easy.