Monday, June 27, 2011

The First Time Ever We Saw Her Face.........

This little face captured our hearts.

After many years of praying
for our new baby,
we received her referral
on June 27th, 2005!

Isn't she the most yummy thing!!
(not a question really, as I know the answer!)

This picture made us laugh!
These toys were on her lap,
but she was so stuffed into that sweater,
that she couldn't move!

And the expression on her face
is pure Ahnalin!

I   was  so, so, scared.
(Ahnalin typed this.)

Isn't this face so precious and sweet?
I just wanted to hop on a plane
that day and get my baby!!!

We had to wait 10 more weeks to finally 
have her in our arms
and it was torture!

She was in China and was 
too young to understand that we 
were coming for her.

But this little baby was
now mine and I knew
her face in my heart. 

Happy Referral Day 
my darling Ahnalin!

Our Lives have never been the same!

Love Mommy


Shana said...

How precious! I know those photos just melted your heart when you laid eyes on them!

Anonymous said...

She certainly is the most yummy thing! So glad the Lord answered your prayers with this sweet, thriving little girl.

Mrs. Bianca said...

Her typed words brought tears to my eyes. I can see the fear in them. Interesting that she seems to have a frown in these photos, but I haven't seen anything but smiles since I've started following your blog. And what a beautiful smile it is!

Anonymous said...

We are indeed Blessed to have our darling Ahnalin in our lives. She is more wonderful than any of us could imagine from her precious first picture we saw of her. I like you Mrs. Bianca have never seen the frown only giggles, smiles and knowing she is so loved by each of us. Grampie and I are so happy we are your grandparents. Love to bigger than the sky.

Debby said...

What sweet pictures. She looks a little scared. Such a sweet story. You are blessed.

Naomi said...

Oh she is way too yummy!!! Thank you for sharing! She is still as beautiful as she was then!!!