Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Day Trips and Bloomer Skirts

Summer is finally here!

And Ahnalin has been keeping me
so busy that I have not had time 
to post!

As a treat, Don bought us season passes
this year, to Discover Kingdom in Vallejo.
It used to be called "Marine World, Africa USA"
and we went there on our honeymoon 23 years ago.

Ahnalin is not super keen on all the rides,
but she is CRAZY about all the animals!
She got to pet an elephant there!

They have an indoor butterfly habitat that
is just amazing!

I love the killer whale show.

Her favorite show there is the dolphin show.

In fact, she managed to find some fabric
in my stash with dolphins, killer whales,
and fish printed on it.
Of course, she insisted that she NEEDED
a bloomer skirt out of this fabric!

So, of course I sewed one right up. 
She still LOVES her bloomer skirts!

Bloomer Skirts are great for twirling!

Running through splash zones...

And of course, for hanging upside down,
which is what Monkey Girl does best!
I sewed this up using my pattern,
(which you can purchase, by clicking on the link)
but instead of adding the band at the bottom,
I trimmed the hem with ribbon and rick rack.
 I didn't have much of the fabric, so 
I did this treatment so she could 
have as much length as possible. 
She prefers her skirts at the knee or longer.

She loves this little spot.
This window overlooks the giant walrus tank
and he often swims up to her.

I don't think we made it on to one ride this trip!
I wonder if we will go on any rides
or if we will just hang out with the animals all Summer.

Thank you all for your prayers for Don!
He is FINALLY well.

When he started to get his strength back,
I begged suggested that we drive
back to Bodega Bay for some fresh ocean air,
and seafood.

So on Saturday, we did!
We ate crab cakes and chowder
at Spud Point Crab Company
and then parked at Doran Beach
for a frolic on the beach.

Do you see the clear ball in this picture?
This is a jellyfish egg!
There were THOUSANDS of them all 
over the beach! 
The kept getting stuck in my toes 
as I walked barefoot on the sand.
When we looked at them closely, 
we could see the tiny baby jellyfish inside!

While Don rested, breathing in that
healing ocean air,
Ahnalin and I walked up and down the beach,
talking about miracles and God's creation.

We looked for shells and sand dollars.

And somehow, we found two!

It was a wonderful gift of a day.

Summer continues to be busy,
with a fabulous week of 
Vacation Bible School.

(photo by Tina Kammerer-Wells)

Yes, these two are both the same age!

(photo by Tina Kammerer-Wells)

Yes, this is me, leading music for the preschool 
aged children at VBS.
What a bizarre look on my face!

But VBS was great!


So, I am FINALLY getting 
caught up on sewing and blogging.

Yes, I am making more 
because they are so fun and practical
and Ahnalin loves them.
You can purchase the pattern

I am also working on some new patterns!
Hopefully between trips to 
the library, beach, Discovery Kingdom
and all the Ahnalin's sewing, 
I will have some time to finish!

Happy Summer and
Happy Sewing!


Ellie Inspired said...

Loved looking at all the pictures! Looks like you're having a fun summer. So glad Don is feeling better too. Adorable bloomer skirts and can't wait to see what you're writing up next!

Debby said...

What a sweet child she happy. Love her dolphins bloomer skirt. Glad your hubby is better. Happy Summer.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading this, but where has the rest of the blog gone?