Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Custom Spots Available!

Do you remember this dress?

Or these dresses?

Do you remember this outfit?

Does your little girl need some Bloomer Skirts?

Are you craving a Yaya's Apron for yourself
or someone special?

And I know you remember this one!

I am opening up some custom spots
this week and want to work with you
to make exactly what you want!

I may not have the exact fabrics
as you see in these photos
in all cases.

But, together, we 
can choose something wonderful
for your special request!

Please email me at
Sivjegoose  @  sbcglobal  .  net 
and we can work together to make 
something special.
Thank you!


Amber said...

Hey girly, I think your email addy is wrong!

VERY cute, I may have to hit you up for a Yaya's Apron!

Mrs. Bianca said...

oooh, I would love to have something made by you. Need to save my money first!

Rettabug said...

Such precious creations on your little sweetheart, Goose! She sure has grown & I'm amazed that she hasn't lost any teeth yet. I think Caroline is on #3 now! She just turned 7 but is wearing a size 6 still, except in length. She's going to be tall. :-D

LOVED seeing the gingham pjs & I went to find my AS&E with that pattern. Ms. C. would like a "fancy" white nightgown like in Pinkalicious, so you've inspired me with this top part. I won't make the bottoms as she STILL hates pants! LOL

Hugs to you & your gang,
thanks for stopping by,