Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mariposa Dresses

Tomorrow, my church is sending
out a mission group who will
be going to do some work in a village in Mexico.

A friend of mine posted a request for
some clothing donations for 
the children in this village.
One family has 3 little girls!

I remembered that I had some
"Dora The Explorer" fabric in my stash
and decided to make a dress for the youngest sister.

Then Ahnalin saw this Tina Givens "Butterfly"
fabric in my stash and asked if
I would make a dress for one of the sisters with it.

Hm.....are you sensing a theme here?

You see, the Dora fabric also had
little yellow butterflies in the print!

Well, you can't have two sisters with
butterfly dresses and not make one
for the third sister!

And this is the big sister dress.

As I was cutting out, er actually tearing
the skirt pieces for the big sister dress,
I caught an edge somehow. 
And the fabric just ripped in the wrong direction!
I barely had enough of this gorgeous fabric 
left in my stash for this dress, as it was,
But after the skirt tore the wrong way,
I had to improvise.

Instead of freaking out over my mistake
(well, I did that a bit anyway!!),
I chose to look at this as a 
"Creative Design Opportunity".
We found this beautiful plaid in 
my stash and VOILA!

I asked Ahnalin to model the middle sister dress,
as I don't have 3 mannequins. 

She asked me what "Butterfly" meant 
in Spanish,
so we looked it up.

The word is "Mariposa".

She said the word made her want to TWIRL!

So twirl she did!

We are praying that the little girls
who receive these "Mariposa Dresses"
twirl with joy while wearing them!

We pray that they sense the love that was
poured into them during sewing.

We pray that, like the butterfly,
they will experience new life!

Happy Sewing!


Christine said...

Those are adorable! Great work, and way to get creative!

Anonymous said...

3 darling dresses made with love and prayers for 3 sweet girls. Siv, they will love and cherish them forever. We are certainly proud of you and your talents.

All Things Beautiful said...

Lovely. How sweet. I am sure they will adore them.

Sew Pretty Dresses said...

Beautiful work! I like that they all turned out different but coordinate.

ShirleyC said...

How sweet, and also so sweet that Ahnalin got to help choose fabrics for this ministry.

Ellie Inspired said...

Well look at you..Miss Genius to turn that into a creative opportunity! :) It turned out perfectly! All three coordinate but are still individual. Love it! You are such a sweet and generous person.

Sonia said...

What a lovely and personal gift! To receive something made specially for them! I am sure they will be a blessing!

~*Aria*~ said...

For being a dress made covering an error, that dress with the plaid is my favorite! Lovely all around.

There's a town not too far from where you are now called Mariposa. The town's not too great, but I always thought the name was pretty (and I already knew it meant butterfly - there's a town called Manteca, but that means lard!).