Monday, July 25, 2011

Ahnalin Sewed Her Own Shorts!

Ahnalin made these shorts!

Start to finish!!

This child, who still has not lost a tooth,
sewed wearable shorts!!

Are you impressed?

I am!!!

And lest you think she is some kind of
wonder child,
the reason she made them start to finish today
was that she is grounded
from the TV and playing with friends.

We have had some real challenges
with her attitude and behavior lately.

And when that happens,
we make her world very small again.

And intense Mommy and Ahnalin time,
especially when she can
learn a new skill successfully,
is just the ticket!

She wanted to learn to use a 
real pattern.

She wanted to learn to use the iron.

She wanted to make pockets 
out of a contrasting fabric.

She learned how to measure,
mark, and top stitch them in place.

I think she felt she needed to pin about
every inch to keep it straight.

Yes, she IS that precise.

I wanted her to put a clip in her hair
so she could see through her bangs!

But I had to pick my battles, 
and that one was not worth it. 

She struggled with feeding the elastic
through the casing. 

She is such a perfectionist, 
that I had to stop her and calm her
down when it wasn't going through
as easily as for her as it does for me. 

She had to rethread her machine,
several times.

But she did it,
every time.

This was the little joke she got past me!

She thought it was hilarious!!!

We cut a size 6,
but she is turning 7 in 2 weeks.

So..........she sewed in a size 7 tag!

Ahnalin chose this pattern,
Simplicity 3743.

We cut a straight size 6,
which is rather unusual. 

She is so thin and tall that I usually
cut a size 4 and add length.

But she wanted to cut the 6.

And it fit perfectly!

I think she did a marvelous job!

(Yes, this is my ancient cutting board.)

She is SO PROUD of these pockets!!!

Sorry this is fuzzy, 
but she insisted on her 
"Classic Ahnalin" pose.

I am so proud of my girl. 

She did everything herself,
yet she willingly took direction.

The second part is the bigger miracle,
as she is not always teachable. 

I am SO PROUD of her!

She has 4 more days of 
symphony camp and then Saturday
is her performance.
I am finishing her concert dress this week.
And she wants to do 

I have a custom sundress going out the door
so I will post pics of that in the morning.

Several people have requested information
about Ahnalin's sewing machine. 

It is the Janome Hello Kitty 3/4 size machine.
We purchased it from Target for $119.00
but I saw it just now at 
for $99.99!

This is NOT a toy machine.
It is a real sewing machine that is sized
for smaller people.
It even has a 4-step buttonhole!
She adores her sewing machine!

I highly recommend this machine for
a young sewista who really 
wants to own her new skill.

Happy Sewing!



Proudmama said...

How wonderful that Ahnalin can sew! I thought her little joke was cute. Good for you for teaching her a craft that I fear is dying out.

Stephanie said...

How cute is she. I know attitude problems are no fun but it looks like the sewing was. Makes me look forward to having Emily be a bit bigger. Elijah is so scared of sewing over his fingers (and with how he pays attention he probably would) that he won't even try.

Carolyn said...

This PW "auntie" is very proud of your girl!! That's wonderful that she wants to sew and enjoys it. A girl after my own heart!! :-)

Sonia said...

Go, Ahnalin! What a wonderful job she did.

Mrs. Bianca said...

How remarkable is she? Eat your heart out Vera Wang.

Dolores said...

Good for her. I remember the first pair of pants I made. I had to unpick them twice and after shedding a few tears, my mom pinned them and then I sewed them - correctly. I only wore them once. I think shorts would have been easier...

Julia said...

Super fantastic!!!! I remember teaching a group of Brownie Scouts and their moms to sew a pair of shorts. That was about 25 years ago. All three of our girls learned to sew. I bought all three of them sewing machines several years ago. Two of them OCCASIONALLY use them. All three of them have sewing projects saved up for me to sew on their machines when I visit!!!!

Debby said...

I am so impressed. My Mom was a seamstress for
Airstream (those shiny trailers)and did the heavy upholstry work. She never wanted to help me learn to sew. I got a sewing machine and I was TERRIBLE. Same story with cooking. She didn't want me to make a mess. She was just recently telling me that my 4H instructor told her I sqeezed the eggs to crack them. She thought that was funny. Well I thought it maybe I needed to learn that from my mother. So the reason for this rumbling is that you are such a good Mom teacher her these skills and for being proud of her. Good job Mom. I WANT that sewing machine.

Cole's Corner said...


they look so good. I'm proud of her, too.
and I love her machine.... i want one.

Mona @ la la by mona said...

Yay Ahnalin! And Sivje! She did a great job and I am very impressed! And you did a great job, too. It is always more difficult to discipline them and lay down tighter boundries, but that is usually what they are begging for. Seems backwards, but that is what I truly believe. They don't need parents to be their best friends - they need parents to guide them lovingly and sometimes that's tough.

My five year old is wanting to sew so badly. I may look into that machine for her - uh hem, ask Santa for it! In the meantime, I will start her on some hand stitching projects. She is tough to take instruction at times, too. We'll see!

Great job ladies!!!

Meredith said...

Wow!!! She did such a great job!! What a wonderful way to spend the day! Congrats Ahnalin and Mom!!! Meredith

Jan said...

I hope you tell her how many people are impressed with the great job she did! I certainly am.

Jan M said...

Summer days sewing with Mom are the best! They beat TV any day, in my book!
Please tell Ahnalin that she did a fantastic job -- even better than many people much older and with more experience. Cannot wait to see her next project!

ShirleyC said...

That's just fabulous! She did a great job, and I'm so glad she loves sewing.

Anonymous said...

What a brilliant job Ahnalin did with the shorts.
I love that fabric. So pretty.

~*Aria*~ said...

I'm a bit late to the game, but have to comment. I notice the tiniest things wrong and right in sewing, and Ahnalin did REALLY good! In these pics, I can only see one seam that's not perfectly straight, and that's only slightly off. All the rest are perfect, which is impressive for an adult, more so for a child! I look forward to the day Charlotte starts sewing, and want to her her the same machine. It's a sewing-mommy's pride and joy to see out little pride and joys sewing. :)