Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Spirit of Christmas Past

Awwww.......Christmas Memories......

(also a famous contributor to Sew Beautiful magazine, 
and pattern designer of Brer Rabbit Designs.)
is having a little Linky party!
I have never attended a Linky party, 
so I really hope I am doing this correctly.

This party is all about celebrating home sewn
Christmas garments in our past.

So, I find that I simply must start off my little party
by showing you a picture of me,
in all my silver brace faced glory!!

You see, my wonderful mama
used to sew for me all the time.
But when I learned how to sew, I sewed my own clothes
most of the time, from then on.

This little outfit was something I made for myself 
to wear in a children's Christmas musical that I
helped direct when I was in high school.

Those puffed sleeves come straight out of my passion
for Anne of Green Gables.

And gone are the days of my 22 inch waist.....

And then, while this is not the best picture,
it recalls the year I decided that 
India and I should wear matching Black Watch Tartan
wool jumpers. 
Not only did I make them, but I sewed Don a matching vest!
India's blouse was Hart Strings and my blouse was from Macy's
because I was in my "I refuse to sew blouses" phase.
India's buttons were pewter Santa faces and mine
were pewter angels. 

 And these little dresses were from the year
that India sang with two of her little friends
at the Calvary Temple Singing Christmas Tree
in Denver Colorado. 
The song was "Happy Birthday Jesus" 
and they were accompanied by the 
Denver Symphony Orchestra.
Don, aka "Hot Rockin' Hubby",
was the music pastor there
and I sewed the dresses, 
as well as sang in the "tree".

He still misses conducting that wonderful group
of musicians, and India was too little
to realize what a big deal it was. 

The dresses were sewn out of yucky panne' velvet.
And the pattern was a disaster. 
But they were cute!

And because we are moving, 
and I am a lousy organizer of past photos,
I have no idea where any more Christmas pics
are of dresses I sewed for India before
Ahnalin came home.

This was the Christmas Ahnalin was 3.
I smocked her a "Mary De" 
using a smockplate that is also packed
so I can't remember who designed it.
But this picture also shows
where Ahnalin trimmed her own bangs. 
She did a rather creative job and managed
not to jab out her own eye, 
even though I nearly fainted when I saw her hair.

I didn't sew India's outfit but I just love this pic of my 
two beautiful daughters. 

This was also the year I designed and made
Grandma's Brag Purses 
for my mom and mil.

I love how they turned out.

And then this little dress.....
(Carol by Children's Corner)

And this little outfit with penguins embroidered...

And this was last year...
India was chosen to play 
the high school Chamber Choir
Madrigal Dinner.
And of course that meant mama
had to sew an authentic 
velvet gown for her.
I mean, I HAD to....

And Ahnalin's dress was from one of my all time
favorite Alexander Henry fabrics. 

This little outfit was thrown together 
at last minute for Ahnalin to wear the day she
was honored as student of the month in 

And yes, since you asked, 
(She actually wore this outfit to church today too!)

And this is the girls in their 
Christmas jammies on Christmas morning.
Each year I sew them new jammies for
Christmas and last year,
they chose these.

These were the Christmas nightgowns
I made for the girls in 2008.
India chose a smocked style
with poinsettias on the front
and Ahnalin chose rickrack and
an embroidered gingerbread man.
Both were out of the softest white flannel.

And last but definitely not least,
here is Ahnalin in one  of my favorite outfits I have 

This was a little reversible  A-line
jumper with a matching quilted and
embroidered jacket. 
I CRIED when she was too big for this!

I have not yet even started 
Christmas outfits for this year.
Bad mommy.
The excuse...

But I plan to start an outfit for at least
Ahnalin this week. 
I promise.....

Thank you peering into my Christmas Memories.
Now pop on over to Laurie's blog
and enjoy the other party participants too.

Happy December and Happy Sewing.


Sara said...

I loved all your creations!!! doesn't looking back at these photos bring back such wonderful memeories???

Laurie said...

Oh I LOVE this post! I'm impressed at all the photos you could dig up in the midst of a move! I am enjoying this Linky Party and reading about all the wonderful past memories of Christmas and the beautiful creations people have made! Thanks for being a part of my party!

Anonymous said...

Sweetheart I think you have done a remarkable job finding the pics and of course the comments of love. Darling girls, clothes and of course our daughter Sivje Ahna Crowe Parish. We love all of you.

ShirleyC said...

All of the outfits are beautiful! You are so talented.

Ellie Inspired said...

Yes, so very talented!! I don't even know what to comment on first. I really love those pajamas - I love making special Christmas jammies too. And, I think it's so cute that you made matching outfits for you and Don and India when she was little. And all that pretty smocking and embroidery work. So beautiful!

Sew Shine said...

Oh how I loved reading your post. Your girls are just too cute for words! Isn't it funny how children, at some point in their lives, take scissors to hair? I've heard so many parents talk about their child cut their own hair. Mine was my oldest son "helping me" by cutting his brother's hair! LOL! Your dresses are all SEW beautiful and I especially love the Katherine dress! I can see why you cried when your little one was too small for the A-line and jacket. It is adorable!

Bunny said...

Great reading and fabulous designs.