Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas from Santa Rosa!

Merry Christmas!!!

We finally got moved in and put up our
Christmas Tree on Wednesday night!!!!

I am posting this from India's computer
because mine is still broken.

While I DID manage to bake 
two batches of cookies-
Peanut Butter Blossoms,
and Cherry Thumbprints,
I conceded defeat on the 
Christmas Jammies issue.

Yes, my girls are wearing 

Tomorrow is Christmas and I still have
not baked the Spanikopita!

But, we are in our house, 
with a tree,
and some decorations.

And my parents are here with us from Nevada.

Ahnalin and I were angels at the 5:00PM service
at our new church!

Our church does 4 different services on 
Christmas Eve and the 5:00PM service
is specifically designed for young families.

So we were thrilled to be in the little 
play called "Where Is Jesus?"

Both Ahnalin and I managed to behave
"angelically" for the evening, even though
it was a challenge. Heehee!!

After the early service,
the girls went home with my parents, 
so they could get ready for Santa.

I heard that Ahnalin was especially angelic
before bed, preparing 
the cookie plate for Santa,
and not begging to stay up later. 

She was completely asleep by the time Don and I got home
from the 7:00 PM service!

Well, India and I are now snuggled up watching
"White Christmas",
while eating cookies and I am 
having a tiny glass of wine.

I still have to wrap presents 
for the morning.

My biggest present is being here,
in our own cozy house in Santa Rosa.

We are so thankful for this Christmas.

I would never recommend moving
right before Christmas,
especially if your hubby is responsible
for some Christmas services at church.

This has been the hardest move we have ever done,
but I am so very, very grateful.

Exhausted, but grateful. 

I pray that you all have 
a lovely Christmas, 
filled with love,
good food,
happy smells,
and good memories.

I pray that you know you are deeply loved
by our Heavenly Father,
who sent His Only Son
to us.

little, sinful, us. 

But He loves us.

Merry Christmas my friends.


Mona @ la la by mona said...

Merry Christmas!! And, considering all you've been juggling - store bought jammies are okay... this time! Hugs!

Crys said...

I am so excited you guys have gotten settled. We will start the moving process again in 2 weeks!

Anonymous said...

We were also so grateful and happy that you are in your own place. Also grateful that we were with you. Totally grateful that all our family love and serve the Lord Jesus. We are each very very blessed because of HIM. Total and complete love from your mother and father.