Sunday, December 19, 2010

Moving Day and Technical Difficulties

Yesterday was moving day!!

And I have no pictures to prove it.

You see, in the last week, my darling 
and much beloved Mac decided to 
go all wacky on me. 

I would be typing and it would just shut down.
And when it was on, programs would just close
for no good reason. 

Don, the Hot Rockin' Hubby, is very good 
with computers, and even he can't figure it out.

So, I believe it is time for my darling Mac to go to 
the spa for a while.

And pictures? 

Well, broken camera too.


Another deep sigh.

So, we picked up the moving truck from Penske
on Friday, which was also the day that India
had a diabetic team meeting in Sacramento.

So, much of my day was spent driving and chatting with doctors.

Which meant that we were up very late packing the truck.

And then Saturday, we still did not get it all done.

And did I mention that it was storming?

And both India and Ahnalin were complete 
emotional wreck. 

Sobbing wrecks.

So, we down to Santa Rosa later than we hoped
and didn't make it to a Christmas party we had hoped to visit.

But, the truck was offloaded rapidly when we got to the house, 
due to help from friends.

After Church today, 
we got back in the van and drove back to Grass Valley
to pack up the odds and ends and clean. 


But soon we will be headed back to Santa Rosa to live!!!

I am so sorry I have been out of reach lately. 

If you email me, I will get it on my cell phone,
and I am getting messages on Facebook too,
so you can contact me there.
Please continue praying for us in this 

We hope to get a Christmas Tree on Tuesday night!!!!

And I promise to get pictures up here soon!
Love to you all!!


Laurie said...

Ohh, I am soooo sorry for all your troubles. It brings back memories of our first Christmas in TN 17 years ago. Our house was in the process of being completed, as we were in the process of moving in. We had to be out of our rented duplex by the end of December. We ended up having Christmas in a hotel in Nashville. The only Christmas tree we had that year was a tiny one foot tall tabletop tree. We did what we could to make the best of it and now it's just memories. Sooo, I said all that to tell you that even tho you have all these issues this Christmas, they will be just memories in years to come! Hang in there - you are in my thoughts and prayers!

Marilyn Martino said...
No need to respond right now- just wanted you to have my e-mail!
I know you all will transition through this with flying colors. (When we are weak He is strong...)May He fill you with continual joy and peace this Christmas!
As a special Disney character might say: "Whistle while you work.-du-du-du-da-da, da-dunt!"

everythingsewing said...

Oh, so sorry so many things have had to go wrong!! Moving at Christmas brings its own stress you sure did not need more. I am following you on FB and when I remember twitter. This is going to be such a wonderful move when it's all said and done.

Merry Christmas