Saturday, December 11, 2010

Random Silliness And A Dress I Just Don't Love

The move.....

Yes, well. 

How is the move going, you ask.

Well, last Saturday, I cooked our first real,
Mama Made dinner in our new house.

India demanded requested her favorite meal.

And since my baby bird will soon be flying from the nest,
I  agreed and cooked it.

 Oh, and you can see that I did find the 
Christmas china!

So, what is her favorite meal?

Corned Beef and Cabbage with lots of carrots!!!

Have you any concept how well nigh impossible it is
to find corned beef in December????????

Stores laughed at me!

They told me to come back in March! 

But I was not deterred.

Don did not 
whine too much as he drove me to new-to-us store
after new-to-us store looking for a purplish slab of meat.

It was a great dinner and India ate nearly every carrot
over the course of the evening.

Ahnalin decided to make a hat for herself 
out of tin foil, 
and wore it the rest of the evening.

Don loved it!

You see, when we lived in Sonoma County years ago,
there were a few wackos people who
wore tin foil helmets to protect their brains from 
the rays of the aliens who were trying to read their minds.

I am NOT KIDDING here. 

So, now that we are moving back to Sonoma County,
it is particularly hilarious that Ahnalin has joined the 
"Tin foil Helmet Society". 

Rock on baby girl!

( and yes, that is our giant NOT FLAT SCREEN tv in the background, ugly!)

Oh, and did you see the orange chair? 
I am hoping to start on that slipcover this weekend.

This was just too cute for me to pass up.

The living room is starting to look like a living room
and my HRH was enjoying some snuggles
from Ahnalin.

We are still spending the weekdays at my inlaws house
in Nevada County until next week when Ahnalin gets out
of school for the holidays.

So I thought I would show you what we see often here.

My father in law is a physics and math teacher
and he is fascinated by science.

He LOVES it and he is an excellent teacher.

So he is constantly coming up with really cool science
projects for his students.

We get to see them first and they are so cool!
This one was dealing with that glass tube 
and water levels and bell tones.


India just finished up her first semester in college
and was studying for her finals this week.

She decided to to a peel off facial mask while 
she studied and was SO THRILLED
that she managed to peel it all off in one piece!

(I told you this was random!)

And now, on to the dress I really don't like......

So, here is the scoop. 

I got a letter home stating that Ahnalin was to be honored 
again as Student of the Month for her class
as well as a Perfect Attendance award.

And due to the move and packing and customs
and, and, and, and.....
I still had not made her a Christmas dress.

She requested penguins, Santa, long sleeves,
lace and velvet.

She ALSO requested a full skirt, smocking and a big bow.

Well, she got part of the request. 
And I got it done at 3:00 AM this morning.

I had been wanting to try this vintage Vogue Florence Eiseman
pattern for quite some time, and I did not
have a lot of the Santa/penguin fabric in my stash.

So I tried it.


Yes, she would look cute in a burlap sack.

BUT, this dress would look better on a 
child that has a bit more, um, fluff.

And it ended up being so big, it will probably
fit her as a maternity dress in about 20 years.

Classic Ahnalin pose

The individual elements are fine,
and should have made for a better,
more interesting dress.

I made the collar and cuffs out of the dreamiest
chocolate brown velvet,
trimmed in eyelet lace.

Oh, and to those who answered my query on 
Facebook last night,
the answer ended up being 
"To Rickrack" after all.

But all together, I didn't really love it. 

But I got it done and she wore it 
to school today for her assembly.

YAY Ahnalin!
We head back up to Santa Rosa today and
get to see the Singing Christmas Tree.

And then Sunday we head back here after church 
for Ahnalin's last week of school.

So much to do.........

Happy Sewing!


Bunny said...

Love the tights with the dress.

Rosieq said...

Oh, Sivje, I think the dress lovely...I think you would be happier with it, if you had a fluffy netting underneath...Just to give the skirt some pouf...and if it feels to big, can you add a sash?

Sheila said...

I think the dress is very nice and if Ahnalin likes it that is what really matters.
Oh and I have the same Christmas dishes I think. Mine are China Pearl Noel and I have had them forever. My daughters bought me 3 sets for Christmas many years ago and I have added some to them over the years thanks to Ebay.
Praying you have a wonderful Christmas.

Anonymous said...

always a very interesting post to see what my darling daughter has been doing:)!! Always creating something wonderful and full of love. So happy that Ahnalin was honored again. Love to all the Parishes and see you soon for Christmas

Tabitha O. said...

OH I don't know I think it is a perfect kid dress and looks darling. We have a person that lives on this route we drive daily and he has all the windows on his house covered in tin foil lol so love the hat! And PS Gab's favorite meal is the exact same one and it seems to always be in stock at Walmart here, trust me I know I get requests for it constantly lol

God's Grace said...

Your life is so fun, your girls are beautiful, and I have a massive TV too! Hate it but it works :) Have a blessed Christmas Sivje! Terry

Christina said...

Enjoyed your post. Randomness can be fun!

Julia said...

Your family is certainly blessed!!! Ahnalin looks adorable in the dress!

cjajsmommy said...

Sivje, I decided to pop in on your blog tonight and my goodness, so many changes since the last time! New church, new job, new home, DCP for India -- wow! You've got a lot going on. I'm so happy for all the good that the Lord is bringing your way.

Debbie in PA

Karin said...

oh, my love,
with you is a lot going on.
your two girls are so cute.

I hope hab't despite stress, merry Christmas.

greetings karin

Stephanie said...

She does look super cute in the dress though. It looks to me like the kind of dress a little girl would love with the wild print and twirl skirt.