Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Question For Real Quilters ( as in, anyone who is not me...)

So, my girls are doing amazingly well with their mini quilts.

And remember, I am NOT a quilter. 

Well, in my heart, I WANT to be a quilter.
But other than a few basic quilt tops, and some really simple
almost-quilts where I either tied, or embroidered them,
I have never completed an entire quilt.

I have never taken a quilt class, even though I want to do so.

All of which would probably, and rightfully, beg the question,
"Why, pray tell, my dear Goosegirl, did you choose to have your daughters
make charm pack quilts as one of their summer projects?  Hmmmm?"

Well, like I have told one of my quilting crushes, Monica Solorio-Snow,
aka The Happy Zombie, I really, really want to learn
to quilt.  So maybe by having my girls work on these, I can kind 
of problem solve and get some ideas before I try my own.

So, I guess that makes them guinea pigs, and me the evil scientist....


I am probably telling them everything wrong. 
And anyone who is a REAL QUILTER is probably rolling on the floor at the thought
of the gross misinformation I am feeding my happy guinea pigs, er.....daughters.

Now, you make think to yourself, 
"Sivje, why don't you just take a class, or even read a book
on quilting?"  

Well, I have no good answer for that one!

But Ahnalin has DEFINITELY caught the quilting bug, and bad!

She has raced through her quilt and now the only thing left to do is 
the actual "quilting".  India has a few more steps for hers, but 
she is not far behind.

And Ahnalin wants to know what to do to finish her quilt.

Um.... well...... I have NO CLUE what to tell her!

So, please, I beg of you....
what do we do next?????

I got the kind of cotton batting that must be quilted because my local store did not
have the cheapy polyester batting that you can just tie.

So, please. Help a crazy mama out.

What should we do next?

Thank you!!!!!

Sivje (the evil scientist)


Amber said...

Get some spray basting glue, lay out the backing (I sugguest a solid, it could be harder to do a pieced backing) and then the spray the batting and lay it on the backing. Then spray the other side of the backing and lay the top on it, and then smooth from the inside out. Then safety pin like crazy! (again, from inside out!)

I would just do stitch in the ditch for a first timer, I did with my first quilt.

LAnderson (Southern Stitches) said...

I'm a wanna-be quilter too - I'm just not very good at it! Your girls quilts are amazing! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I am not an expert either.. far from it but, I here are a couple of links that have helped me..

Look here...

and here

Good luck!

pdurant said...

Stitch in a ditch would be fine....I'd probably add in stitching diagonals through the blocks (forming an X in each block) for more anchoring of the layers together.

I love to machine stipple my quilts - the girls could try out this technique using practice squares. There is nothing like free-hand machine stippling to learn stitching, speed, hand-machine coordination but Ahnalin might be too young to attempt this (quilting/stitching through finger tips is not fun).

jammertail designs said...

Hi Sivje :)

I'm like you...always wanted to learn quilting too, but have never had the moment to just take a class and learn.
It looks like your getting some good advice, and I'm sure they'll be rolling in:) Sorry I can't help here on this ...
The quilts are darling...I'm so impressed with the girls hard work! Good Job ... Mom :)
Just had to stop by and say HI! Love the girls projects!

Sonia said...

No advice. I'm not that good at it. But I can't wait to hear how it works out.

The girls and their mama are doing a smash up job. And I think we're kind of the same. I figure the best way to learn is dive in. Of course, that drives the perfectionist in me crazy... and it can be quite wasteful...

Hope y'all have a blast finishing them.

Roseiq said...

Ooh, stitching in the ditch is not a really good thing for the younger sewer. You have to be so very careful...And I know you have a perfectionist. I would go for sewing diagonal lines...drawing them first, then Ahnalin has a guide to sew on. Actually, when you stitch in the ditch, you don't actually do stay a needle space or so (a hair) from that seam line--then mistakes aren't quite as obvious. If you wanted you could use something sparkly and do a running stitch instead of machine stitching those diagonal lines. those longest diagonal first.


liz noonan said...

go to Youtube! they have everything there on how to do it, and you get to SEE someone do it! that's how i learned ;-)
I asked my MIL for help = she's a really fantastic quiltere and I just felt stupid bc I had no idea what she was talking about. but once i watched someone do it it was sooooo easy!

Karen said...

I can't help with the quilting but I sure am impressed by both your daughters' quilts! I know that you are thrilled that your girls are showing an interest in what you love to do. My sweetie hasn't shown any interest at all! I did get her to make a pillowcase once but that was it.

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving those lovely comments. Have a blessed weekend!