Friday, July 23, 2010

Polka Dots, Gnomes and Quilting Too!

Can I tell you how much I love this little girl?

Can I tell you how much I love this dress?

The pattern is Simplicity 2711 and I have had it in my stash
for a while. I keep picking it up, and then moving on 
to patterns with a twirlier skirt.
But this time, I finally made it!

I love it!
I love the little straight sleeve with the ruffle.

 I love the pintucks and the ruffles on the yoke.

The fabric is Michael Miller's Gnomeville and I am crazy about it!

And look at this little button!
I got it several years ago in a lot of vintage buttons from Ebay and 
have been saving it for exactly the perfect project!

I cut a size 5 in width and a size 6 in length. 
It fits her with lots of room for growth.

She does not get to wear it again until after it comes home from the Fair.
I am busy making school clothes for her and will be entering many of those
items in the fair. Last year I won 19 ribbons and the Sweepstakes award 
for the most entries! Heehee!
This year, I am hoping to get 22 items entered, 
but we will see how many get finished.
And on the quilting front...

Thank you all for your amazing tips everyone!!

Because I truly don't know what I am doing, 
so I told her the wrong thing,
I had Ahnalin put her binding on before
I had her do the actual quilting. 
So, it was too late for perfection!


But according to Amber, I should
have her "safety pin like crazy!"
So, off we went to the dollar store to buy a huge pack of safety pins.
We need more already.
Then, based on advice from Roseiq, 
using my disappearing marker,
I drew stitch lines for her to sew on. 

She is doing great! 
She asked my why she had to hand stitch this when her
sewing machine goes so much faster, 
and I told her that we don't have a walking foot so I was
afraid it would get all puckery. 
And she need to build her confidence in 
her hand stitching anyway. 

Thank you all for your great tips, links and videos!!!!
You have helped me and encouraged us so much!

India is a bit behind in her quilt because she was
really sick all week. 
Her doctor said it was just another virus. 
Well, these viruses just wipe my girl out!
We appreciate your prayers so much.

As to the raincoat I am working on.....


Why on earth did I let my 5 year old pick out a fabric with such a HUGE
pattern repeat????
It is taking me forever to cut it out just right.
I am tempted to just cut it willy-nilly,
pattern matching-be-darned!
But I spent way more than usual on that fabric and want it to be......


Thank you all again for your incredible help and encouragment.

Happy Sewing. 


Sewconsult said...

Your daughter, her dress and your talent are all wonderful. It's been a while since I have stopped by, so I will do some reading of your older posts. Looks like you have been very busy.
Beckie in Brentwood, TN

Hettie Lynn said...

Sivje, I LOVE the gnome dress. I haven't seen that fabric panel but it is darling. And just look at Ahnalin quilting! She is doing a fantastic job. I hope India is doing better. She is in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the girls,love the pics and the comments. What is this thing that drives you to try and do 22 items for the fair. You need to listen to your mother!!!!! Oh, that's right you are mother deaf. Love you zillions anyway.

Megan said...

Everything looks beautiful. My 4 year old is pressuring me into teaching her on the Hello Kitty machine I bought when Target clearanced them.
What pattern are you using for the raincoat? my daughter picked out some oilcloth wanting a raincoat. I was thinking of the Otto one that was on the cover of one mag last year.

Nancy Benham said...

I love the gnomes dress- too adorable! Look forward to seeing the raincoat. Quilting is looking good too!

Natalie said...

That dress is soooo darn cute!! You did an amazing job with it. Thanks for telling us what size you used. Is she normally a size 5?

ShirleyC said...

That dress is so adorable, and you should definitely win a first place. It is so eye catching. Your girls are learning so much about the art of quilting, and just plain sewing. I hope they like it enough to keep sewing.

Josh Healy said...

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Karen said...

Charming dress, charming child! I love the fabric you chose with this pattern. I normally prefer the 'twirly' skirted patterns myself but this one is adorable, especially in that print on that lovely child!

I really love that photo of your littlest one hand sewing on her quilt. Wonderful!

Sew Pretty Dresses said...

Oh my goodness! I love that dress!!! And look at her quilting! Good job!

Laurie said...

so cute! love to see her hand quilting too!

claire said...

What a fun & whimsical dress!