Sunday, November 29, 2009

Blog Giveaway on Marie Madeline Studio

Have you been over to Marie Madeline Studio? I just know I would love these girls in real life!
They make pretty, feminine and modest clothing and aprons, as well as sell fabric, design patterns and make quilts.

These beautiful ladies are going to give away one of these beautiful quilts and I desperately want to win one of them. So.....while I hesitate to tell you all about it, I will get 10 more entries for this blog post!!!!
So, head on over there and enter. But please, make sure you let them know that Sivje at Goosegirl Sews sent you.

Have a beautiful day!



April said...

OKay, Sivje - time for me to fess up. I have the hardest time commenting on your posts because of some computer glitchy thing. It seriously takes me THREE tries every time.

First: I comment here (as I'm doing now). I select the 'Comment As' button (April Google) then click 'Post Comment'...

Then: (hold on while I go do it) the screen practically goes blank with an olive green background and finally a little window pops up with a word decypher thing for me to type in... so I do that....

Finally: (hold on)

April said...

oh good grief - it only took twice this time... wouldn't you know it....

USUALLY! I have to re-enter the word (which becomes a new word) and THEN AND ONLY THEN will my comment finally post to your blog. Thank goodness it doesn't get lost in all of that. lol!