Sunday, November 22, 2009

We Have a Winner!

Thank you all for entering! I am overwhelmed at the response and have thoroughly enjoyed reading of your favorite holiday food memories and traditions.

I used the number generator on but could not figure out how to get the picture to show up. But, this is what happened....

I wrote down each entry and then visited everyone's blogs. That was fun!!! You see, I LOVE blog surfing!  That sucked up several hours when I should have been sewing, but I loved discovering all kinds of new creative blogs.

Then, after I wrote them all down, accounting for each "follower", I entered the number of entries into the number generator at

There were a few people who emailed me earlier in the week to say that they tried to leave a comment but could not, so I added them too!  I thought that was only fair. 

There were 142 entries. So when I entered the numbers into the number generator......

The winner was #36! The winner is Rebel Flame and here was her comment:

I'm a follower!
My favorite food tradition for the holidays is my mother always made pancakes with peaches and whipped cream for christmas breakfast. My mother is gone, but I always remember her with heavy peach syrup on my pancakes after opening presents.

So,  Rebel Flame, I need you to email me and give me your real name and address and I will get your apron out to you! Congratulations!!!

I did not choose the winner based on the comments, but I loved them all!!

This was my FAVORITE!

I LOVE this apron! I would be interested in testing the pattern too if you're looking for people!

My Thanksgiving tradition is kind of weird-- my grandmother (mothers mother) was an absolutely terrible cook. Every year she made stuffing out of wonderbread and onions and celery-- thats it! She also always put canned sauerkraut on the table-- even tho not a soul ever ate it and she couldnt say why it was necessary!

She passed away when my mother was only in her 30's. Every year, in her honor, my mother makes the disgusting stuffing (although no one ever eats it because it has no taste at all!), and puts a can of sauerkraut on the table :) no one ever eats that either :)

This was by Kristy

I loved how many of you have Mexican food for Christmas! I have a dear friend who makes tamales every year and last year she gave some to us. They were fabulous!!

I loved reading of those traditions from Romania, England, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Canada, Lithuania, Australia, and Holland.
If I forgot a country that was represented, I am so sorry.

Sharrieboberry said...
My mom makes the best sweet potatoes! Boil, peel and layer sweet potatoes in 9x13. Burn sugar in a cast iron skillet, add cream and more sugar and cook til syrupy. Pour your caramel sauce over the sweet potatoes and heat in the oven. Delicious!
So, "Rebel Flame" please post here or email me. Your profile does not list an email address so I could not email you directly. 
Congratulations and I hope you enjoy your new apron.
Now,  I have to get back to smocking "Tinkerbell". Pictures to come of that!
I pray you all have a beautiful Thanksgiving week.
In His Grace,

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