Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Tinkerbell Dress for Princess Madison

I just finished Madison's dress!
Madison is another precious princess from China and her mommy orders a custom dress from me every year for Madison's birthday.
This year, Madison requested purple shiny fabric with Tinkerbell smocking with flowers.
I found a purple cotton sateen with a lovely hand, heavy enough for a winter dress.

Madison requested her name on her dress and for

some reason the shiny thread is reflecting the light.

I sewed on some sparkly lime green beads and lime green
rickrack to pick up the color in Tink's outfit.

I love the green rickrack on the collar.

Yes, the sash in the back is really that big.
I LOVE big sashes and this one tied so pretty.

Little, tiny cuff with green rickrack and lavender flower button.
We all know I can't take good pictures, so there is some weird shine on this one.

Normally, I sew the petticoat in to the dress, but this time, I made it separately just in case Madison was overcome with the need to twirl when she did not want to wear her dress.

So, there it is. Madison's Tinkerbell dress. I can't wait to see pictures of her wearing it.
It will be in a box, winging it's way to this "Fairy" princess on Friday!
Happy Birthday sweet girl!


Cindy said...

Sivje....very pretty!!!! I love the colors together!!! The petticoat is just like one I am making for my little girl...but in pink. She's going to wear it as a skirt though. Your work is lovely as always!!!! Enjoy your Thanksgiving!!!!

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

That is one beautiful did an absolutely excellent job :)


ticklemyheart2 said...

This dress is gorgeous! Madison is a lucky girl to have a mommy who wants something so special made for her each year. You are a blessing Sivje!

Tabitha said...

Oh so pretty!

Bunny said...

Mommies who appreciate such fine workmanship are a rare commodity. They find there way to you, Sivje, because of your fabulous workwomanship and originality. It is gorgeous....Bunny

Jen said...


julia said...

That is a dress for any little fairy princess!! What a lucky little one who will be wearing this. I think it is so sweet that she requested what she wanted and you were able to create it just as she asked!!! You are so talented. The purple and green are perfect together. I, too, love the ric rac.

Linda and Michelle said...

Hi Sivje,
So glad to hear from you! You do beautiful work. It's so great how we can all connect online!
Take Care,
Linda (Roll) Wallace

Debbie said...

Just beautiful!! You did a fabulous job, such a lucky girl!