Monday, January 9, 2012

Pajamas, Prayer, and Bad Christmas Photos

Yes, I know it is the ninth of January
and I am just now posting photos of Christmas morning.

But I have been trying,
to make something of these blurry photos.
You see, 
I DID make the girls matching Christmas jammies.

And Ahnalin received
the Disney Animators Mulan Doll
from her Daddy and me.

And she received her Molly doll
from her Nana and Papa.

And I made matching jammies for Molly too.

And India received a biography about her 
favorite boss.

And Don received a t-shirt with his namesake
on it!

And me.........

Yeah, my Hot Rockin' Hubby 
bought me an iPad2!

I still need to learn so much about 
how to use my drafting programs on it.

It feels super decadent to me,
but it is my computer.

I have been using Don's old 
MacBook and he needs it back!

So, I need to figure it out.

I am VERY open to any and all
tips and thoughts from 

After we opened our gifts
and had some breakfast,
we headed to church for the Christmas service.

It was a beautiful service,
worshiping the newborn King Jesus
with our new church family. 

Because Don is the music minister,
he made the decision to 
have India join us in singing the
Christmas carols.

So, I got to sing with my India
and my HRH together.

What a gift!

After church,
the girls put their Christmas jammies
back on because they were so cozy.

And yes, the oven DID catch on fire
while I was making the Spanikopita.

I had planned on taking lovely photos
and posting the recipe. 


But I couldn't find Ahnalin's camera
and my phone was taking these blurry shots
and I used too much butter
for the first time in 23 years of making this

So we ran next door
and the neighbors had a fire extinguisher
and brought it over to put out the flames.

And God protected us so much,
because the fire was contained
to just the inside of the oven.

the rest of Christmas dinner was food
I could make on top of the stove. 

So crazy!!!

Don wanted to clean the oven
but I said it could wait until
after Christmas dinner!!!!!!

He did it anyway. 

It is very clean now. 

Thank you Don!

After dinner,
we went to see 
The Muppets for the 2nd time.

This time, we all sang along.

You see, it was at the bargain theater
and everyone else was in a Christmas mood, so 

It was a lovely Christmas day!

And yes, I am going to buy a new
fire extinguisher.

A few days later,
Ahnalin and I drove India to the 
airport so she could fly out to visit
her Chicago buddies!

She had a wonderful time,
but is SO READY to finally
have her surgery.

So, this morning
we are heading to the hospital for her
pre-op with the anesthesiologist.

Her surgery is set for 12:50 tomorrow,
but we are praying that the hospital will
move up her surgery slot so she can 
go in earlier.

With her Type 1 diabetes,
fasting for surgery is difficult.

Please, please pray for my girl.


Please pray that the surgeon will
be able to repair the tendons in her
right foot. 

Please pray that he can figure out 
what the strange lump is on
her ankle, and correct or 
remove it.

Please pray for India as she recovers,
that her blood sugars would remain stable
and that her immune system
will behave, for once,
so she can heal.
We really covet any prayers sent our way.

Thank you so much. 

I will update soon.



Anonymous said...

You are blessed with such a beautiful family. I am so happy to hear you had a nice and all :) Glad it was contained. I will be praying for India, sending prayers for healing and comfort.

Elisabeth Rose said...

Sivje, I will be praying for a successful, quick surgery with excellent results tomorrow. It is so hard when our children are sick or injured.

Debby said...

Sending prayers and ((((((HUGS))))) for India and for you. Hope it goes well.
Love the girls' jammies and those new dolls. You scored with the Ipad.
Thanks for sharing.

Tabitha Orr said...

Will be thinking of you all tomorrow. Thanks for sharing your CHristmas with your beautiful family. Happy New Year!

Bunny said...

I pray all goes well with India's foot and surgery. I also pray she doesn't suffer too much and you can get to the bottom of it all. Take care, friend. ((Hugs))

Sewconsult said...

Saying prayers. I know the worry that you must be having. I can tell you that you can probably be more help to her after the surgery than the regular nurses. It amazes me how little doctors and nurses know about dealing with Type 1 diabetes. Sending you more than prayers, but a mother's hug.
Beckie in Brentwood, TN

~*Aria*~ said...

It's funny, I'm actually rereading the Molly books right now. Yes, I read kids books sometimes. Adult books are usually so full of drama and sex and female-"empowering" man-bashing, and I just don't walkways care for that. Even Sense & Sensibility (my late-night reading) is for or less centered around getting men. Molly was my favorite as a kid, though Samantha was a very close second.

Charlotte uses the iPad2 I got Cody for Christmas more than he and I do combined! Have you any idea how many times Tangled has played on it? Today alone? Apparently about 6 times. If it's turned off, she grabs the iPad, turns it on herself, gets to the program herself, and starts it. All by herself.