Friday, January 20, 2012

Another Yellow Chair Slipcover Project

I know I said I was working on my
sofa slipcover,
but the truth of the matter is
that I am procrastinating. 

You see, the sofa is a really big project.

And I need to make A LOT of piping
for the sofa slipcover.

Yeah, the sofa is that yellow
floral piece next to the
little orange slipper chair 
that I bought at Goodwill last year.

And while I like the orange,
it is stained, 
worn bare in places,
and goes with not
one thing in the house.

But, I bought the chair
because I love it!

And it was only $14.99.

It is short and small
and my feet touch the floor
when I sit in it!

And I went diving into my fabric stash
and found this beautiful linen floral.

I bought this years ago
when I was working as an interior
designer for Laura Ashley stores
here in the U.S.

And before they closed the stores,
I bought this linen and the matching
yellow corded welt.

But wait!

That fabric looks familiar!

Oh yeah.

It is the same fabric that my old
yellow floral sofa is covered in.

I knew I loved it!

Did I mention that I love yellow?

And it is rainy and gray outside,
so that means that I must create
my own sunshine.

So now it is time to sketch and measure
the chair.

 I know that people make slipcovers
all kinds of ways.

But I am very mathematical in my thinking,
so it helps me to sketch
and measure when I start
the project.

I will take photos of the process
as I go and post,
so you can see how I make slipcovers.

Happy sewing!



Bunny said...

This is so helpful, Sivje. I can't wait to watch your process. I will be just a few days behind you with mine. That's great because you are much more experienced and skilled at this than I am.

Our mutual friend is monogramming my back now. I am so excited.

Valiant said...

I start with a sketch also and if it's for a customer I take lots of pictures while I'm patterning. And as far as piping, that sounds like a task for your daughters... My sons are quite familiar with making yards and yards of piping and with the right size cording foot it's almost impossible for them to mess up. Looking forward to your finished product. I've yet to start a sewing or slipcover blog!!!

everythingsewing said...

I am sure going to watch. I love the projects you do.

Anonymous said...

Sweetheart, I LOVE it already. You are amazing and I am so proud of you and your INCREDIBLE TALENTS!! YOu certainly inherited your fathers math smarts when it comes to the designs because you know I wing everything:)!!

Mona @ la la by mona said...

No way! How cool is that? Love the fabric and chair. Will be fun to see your final project! I haven't made a slipcover for anything larger than my metal stool and really need to dive in someday, huh? I, too am very mathematical and make sketches when I do my projects. It helps me a lot in my planning.

Jan said...

You are way braver than me in doing slipcovers. I'm not a math person at all and the funny thing is I deal with measurements all the time working in a fabric store. But I suppose that's ingrained in me after ten years. I love the yellow bground with the pink cabbage roses. You're right about the sunshine.