Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A New Slipcover for Goosegirl's Sewing Chair

Way back in February,
I posted this picture.

I blogged about it HERE.

Well, I am sure I have told you 
that I have major Sewing A.D.D.!

But I FINALLY finished my chair!!!!


When I originally had the chair made,
I was working at a furniture store in 
Nevada City.

I wanted a sewing chair that had a ruffle!

The manufacturers laughed at me!

So for years, I put up with my
cute, but boring red checked chair. 

It started to wear out and look awful!

I said for years that I would slipcover it.

But then I always got sidetracked and
put it off.

I have been a bit bummed out lately
and kind of feeling sorry for myself.

Don used to tease me that when I got
depressed, I would start painting things yellow,
to make my own sunshine.

I now have my very own chairful of sunshine!

This is the back. 


I know it looks like a dress.

I made covered buttons........

And they match the custom piping.

And I fussed the back all up
just the way I wanted it!

And I love every detail about it.

And everything came out of my stash!

I had purchased these fabrics
to decorate our living room
in our home in Lake Bluff, Illinois
back in the 90s.

So yes, they are maybe a bit dated.

But I love them 
and they make me feel happy.

My sewing area is in my kitchen. 

This was probably intended to be 
the breakfast nook

So my space is VERY LIMITED.

Those curtains underneath the table
hide my clear plastic shoe boxes
that hold all my notions. 

I also have my smocking pleater,
my floss box,
some fabric and current projects,
and other things.

Most of my fabric is actually stored 
in the garage.

Ahnalin's little Hello Kitty Janome
stays set up right next to my Janome,
so we can sew together.

My other machines are in the garage too.

I grabbed my old bookshelf
and put it on the sewing table to hold
my antique spools.

I use the spools for my elastic,
piping cord, 
rickrack and other trims.

This is a vintage spice rack that I painted
with some leftover craft paint.

I think I want to repaint it yellow,
or maybe a paler aqua.

And the Mary Engelbreit print
desperately needs to be framed.

It is signed by Mary!

But it will go on the wall right there.

I painted this at a pottery painting 
workshop with my girls on Ahnalin's birthday.

I sew much better than I paint, 

I took photos of most of the steps 
while I was making the slipcover,
so I may post them soon.

But I am so glad that I finally 
finished my chair and fixed up my sewing area.

It feels like a huge gift to mysef!

I need to get back to my smocking now!

Happy Sewing!!!


Debby said...

That cover is adorable. it looks like the table now. Your craft room is so cute. What a good idea to use the breakfast nook. I bet it has good lighting too.

Diane said...

I LOVE IT!!!! Okay, so now you have really inspired me!!! I love to sew, but have not set up a space in our new house. I haven't decorated or anything, and I want to so badly. I think I just keep thinking that I don't have the time now or money. But I love the feeling of creating and the pleasure I feel when I have made something I really like!
And I LOVE your slipcover! :)

Mona @ la la by mona said...

Wow! You did a wonderful job - I love it!

Jan M said...

Love may be an understatement! The dressmaker details are to-die-for! I especially love it when chair backs are as pretty as chair fronts! Congratulations on a job very well done -- and for finally getting that long awaited ruffle!

Sweet Baby Jamie said...

So adorable!! YOu did a great job...and are inspiring me to make my chair cover.....some day!!!

Tabitha said...

Love the ruffle, the colors, the trim, the geese but the covered buttons put it over the top!! Glad you did something for yourself!

Bunny said...

Of course you want a ruffled girly sewing chair! I totally understand and redoing my chair is on my big list of to dos. You inspire me. Now if I could just find the fabric I want. Looks fabulous.

shaninvb said...

Awesome Sivje!

Mike and Christie said...

Sewing is fascinating to me. My daughter Erika can do both. Me? Um... "common' mama, DADDY can do it!" That is what the girls said to me when I tried to make a simple EASY PATTERN dress. LOL

ShirleyC said...

I'm going to share this on the Embroidery Room Rehab Group page on Fb. Everyone is posting ideas, and covering chairs is the latest topic.
This is beautiful!

Maureen Cracknell Handmade said...

Your space is so beautiful! I'm glad I stopped in to have a peek from Pink Chalk!!

Debbie said...

Your space makes me happy. I love it and thanks for sharing.