Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dueling Rapunzels

Once again, 
my princesses have chosen
to dress up as the same character 
for Halloween.

Do you remember when they both
wanted to be Alice in Wonderland?

You can see more pictures
of those costumes HERE.

But this year,
they both wanted to be Rapunzel.

Now, you will notice, 
in the above photo, 
that neither girl is wearing 
an enormous blond wig.

Well, India made one for herself.
It was beautiful!
But it wouldn't stay on her head.

So, she is holding it on in these pictures.

Oh, and I finally took these photos
yesterday, after both girls had
worn their costumes several times.

Yeah, bad photos.

I have to say,
these costumes frustrated me!

I made each girl's costume differently,
based on their preferences.

India, with her love of corsets,
got a boned and very structured
bodice for her top.

I used McCalls 4107 and added sleeves and a front panel,
as well as lace, to make her top.
I had to re-cut the bodice because the original was much too low.
India's daddy would have put her up in Rapunzel's tower
before letting her out of the house
in the original low cut bodice!

We found every single fabric
for these costumes in the Red Tag
area in Joann's Fabrics. 
And they were all 50% off the Red Tag
price when we bought them.
Nothing was over $3.00 a yard.

The fabric for India's skirt and upper sleeves
was a polyester crepe.
I really struggled with the colors and fabrics
for these costumes, because I wanted
them to really look like Rapunzel's in 
the "Tangled" movie.

That wasn't going to happen for us,
so the bargain bin worked fine!

I was rather obsessive
about the sleeves.
I liked how they were close-fitted
and appeared to be knit.
So I found this nylon tricot knit
for $1.00 a yard and it worked perfectly!
I drafted the sleeves to fit 
the armscyes and then then cut the lower
sleeve to India's specifications.

I used a gorgeous polyester and metallic
tapestry brocade for India's bodice.
This is actually the back side 
as it showed more of the purple
and pink colors and was less glitzy.

This is an awful picture,
but India painted on the skirt designs
with paint pens. 
I tried to machine embroider the designs
on the skirt, but it didn't work out.

But I think her designs were lovely.

I used Butterick 5421 for the skirt, 
but I cut the skirt larger,
so I could add pleats, and 
added a waistband.
I was not thrilled with how badly
the crepe wrinkled, 
but then, I had to remind myself 
that these were costumes 
and my girl was happy with the result.

For Ahnalin's costume,
I used Simplicity 2065

But, as usual, I made alterations.

First of all, I cut a size 4 around
and a size 7 in length.

The pattern called for organza for
the lower sleeve, and the overskirt.

Well, as above, I preferred the look of
the knit sleeve, so I used the tricot.

And Ahnalin absolutely refused
to allow anything "itchy" in her costume,
so there was no organza or tulle
allowed anywhere near her.
And, she reminded me, 
that the "Real Rapunzel" didn't have
a poufy skirt!
She had a "swingy skirt". 

We found this great embroidered border
lace yardage in the clearance section for $2.00
a yard, and it was relatively soft.
So we nabbed the last 2 yards they had.
This is actually pretty different from the
"Real Rapunzel" dress, but she liked 
the sequins and it saved me some
time, so we went with it!

And besides that, it twirled well.
I loved the pale lilac sparkle satin
I used for the underskirt.
It had a tiny bit of lycra in it so it 
draped very nicely. 
$2.00 a yard was nice too!

The lace was something that I have had in 
my stash since high school!
I think I have actually used the last of it now,
but it was perfect!
Did I mention that I am crazy about these sleeves?

Aw yes, the Classic Ahnalin pose! dye in Halloween candy!
Thankfully she is not affected by blue!
Most of her candy was thrown out
due to her issues with corn syrup 
and red food dye. 
But she was livin' it up with the blue!

Oh, and a note about the lack of
a long blond wig......
she refused.
She said a wig would make the costume
"too obvious". 

I wish this wasn't fuzzy, 
because my dueling Rapunzels were
so cute together.


Stephanie said...

Both girls look beautiful though I imagine they would in paper bags. I love the dress as well though. Emily is outgrowing her rapunzel dress so I may have to take that idea on again soon. I love how you did the sleeves.

Sandi said...

I also did a Rapunzel from the Simplicity pattern! I think that one turned out quite popular this year among sewing moms. It is a fun pattern.

Sewconsult said...

The girls are beautiful in their costumes. You did a great job.
Beckie in Brentwood, TN

Cole's Corner said...

Your Rapunzels look beautiful!
Daddy might have to lock them both up in a tower shortly. hahhhahaha

I have to remind myself that I'm making costumes, sometimes, too.

Tabitha said...

Your girls are so beautiful and they look absolutely divine as dueling Rapunzels....great job on their costumes, just fantastic!

~*Aria*~ said...

It was so funny when Charlotte saw the pattern. She grabbed it and refused to let go. I had to take a second one to the register for them to scan. It was on sale for a buck, so I figured she could have her own little pattern. Then I decided to be a glutton for punishment and make my own pattern just to make it a bit closer, especially the separate skirt. I couldn't find any sheer knit, so used doubled-up tulle.

Why wouldn't India's wig stay on? Bummer that it wouldn't. I really like the brocade you used for the bodice. And on Ahnalin's over skirt, how did you edge it? I take it the bottom is the border as it was, but I'm not seeing seam lines for there to have been edging from the other side applied. Last time I had to do something like that, make it not noticable, was the Phantom of the Opera Mirror skirt, and it was a pain in the boo-tay! I really like that fabric.

Rettabug said...

Hi Goose!!

I saw on Jan's blog, Bessie Mary, that you've got tendonitis, too! We both must be sewing too much lately, huh?

LOVE the striped jumper for your rapidly growing Ahnalin. She is so stinkin' cute & India gets more & more beautiful every time I see her. You are truly blessed, Honey!

I'm making the Disney Rapunzel pattern, trying to duplicate the AGirl doll's "tea dress". Ms. C. is in a Colonial Williamsburg event at school. It was good for me to see what you did & luckily, my sleeves will be easier (I hope!) & I'm planning on doing m. embroidery down the front openings. Keep your fingers crossed.

Anyway, I hope your pain goes away. Rest it, ice it, do drugs for it, wrap it to keep it warm & straight. ~~note to Rett "take your own advice"~~

Big Hugs,