Sunday, November 13, 2011

Simple Corduroy Skirt For My Girl

So my girl was on another design kick the other day.

She pulled this remnant of black,
white and pink corduroy out of the stash
and requested a pleated skirt
to go with her new hat.

And it had to "Swish" too.

I found an unopened roll of this black
and white ribbon and used every inch of 
it to trim the yoke and hem.

And do you remember this dress from THIS post?

Well, Ahnalin wanted the same effect
on a long sleeved shirt
that just happened to have a stain in front.

The ribbon hides it perfectly!

And the shoes, 
well, I love them!

This picture makes me laugh!

Between the hot pink sweater and hat,
and the standing-on-one-leg,
I think she looks like a flamingo!

And then I started to play with the Black and White
feature on the camera.

And I love this one too!

Can you tell I really want to learn
to take pictures? 

She wanted to swing on Daddy's arm
and is still just short enough to do it.

And then she put her boots back on to
ride her scooter home.

But she reminded me that we had not taken
the "Classic Ahnalin" pose,
so she remedied that!

As to the skirt,
well, I did not use a pattern.

It was just a less-than-a-yard
remnant and math.

If there is interest, 
I may write up a quick tutorial 
for this super quick skirt.

But my projects for today
include smocking for a favorite client
and finishing the slipcover for my sewing chair.

I find that with the tendonitis in my hands,
that I have to take breaks from smocking
and do other types of motions for a bit.

And then I can go back to smocking.

I will have pics of the chair hopefully tomorrow!

Thank you all for your prayers for my hands
and for my India. 

She will be having surgery in January on her foot,
so she is off dancing for a while. 

Off I go to sew and smock!

Happy Sunday and Happy Sewing!


Debby said...

YOu do such lovely work.
ANd you have the cutest model ever. I will be thinking and praying for you and your daughter.

MommytoAJ said...

Tutorial please please please - I have such cute owl corderoy that would look cute in a skirt ... I love what you did to her shirt too ... and those purple boots - I saw some when I was in the US and didn't buy them for Jess - having some regrets...

organicmommy said...

I'd love the tutorial for the skirt!

Jan M said...

Such a sweet skirt and girl! I love the ribbon detail on the shirt, and no one needs to know it serves an additional purpose!
Hope your hands are feeling better, and the smocking went well.

Naomi said...

Oh you are inspiring me to sew again! I just bought some new patterns for my 8 year old Eliana and have some fabric which has been sitting for 10 years or more. It has been a LONG time since I made anything and I am kind of nervous! I wish you could come here for an afternoon and show me what to do!! We would have so much fun!! Anyway... I thought I had better sew clothes rather than buy them now that we are trying to save our pennies to bring home two more from Uganda!!!

You really are so talented!!

ShirleyC said...

She is a little fashion diva and knows exactly what she likes. Very cute outfit!

Tabitha said...

That girl has swish and style! Of course she gets that from her mama.