Monday, May 2, 2011

Of Princess, Queens and Royal Jewels

Isn't it lovely?

I just LOVE this necklace!!

My friend Jane
who happens to be from England,
and a fabulous writer,
as well as a gifted crafter,
sent ME this gorgeous necklace she made!

Jane had a giveaway on 
her blog and I was one of 
the winners!

She designed necklaces
and named them after some of
Henry VIII's wives and this one
is called "Jane Seymour".

I owe Jane a pincushion and
will post a picture when I finally make it for her.
She also made me a BEAUTIFUL 
crocheted shawl and the photo is not working 
right now. 
But it is very, very beautiful!

Thank you so very much Jane!!

And the wedding....AWWWW!

Yes, I watched it. 

I stayed up and watched the whole thing.

India watched it in Anaheim and 
we texted back and forth the whole time.

I wanted desperately to watch the wedding
with her but was so grateful for my silly smart phone!

You see, India is connected to the Royal Family.


Princess Diana and Prince Charles
were married on July 29, 1981,
my 13th birthday. 

And I was OBSESSED with all things British.

I have remained so for many years.

One of Princess Diana's bridesmaids
was India Hicks.
India was also 13 years old!

I decided then and there that I wanted 
to someday have a daughter named India!

And she has managed to play
a princess or queen many times throughout
her young life. 

Should I tell you how many tiaras she owns?

Should I tell you how many gowns I have 
made her?

And she prefers to be called
"Princess Dida", just so you are clear!

So, I miss her. 

This time, last year, 
the year before, 
and the year before,
I was busy making her prom gowns.

This year, she is off on her own 
and I miss her.

I think I need to go make a special dress now.

Oh, and I am working on finishing up another pattern.
Stay tuned for that too!

Happy Sewing!


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Laurie said...

LOVE your necklace and I just had to say "awwwwe" when I read how much you miss your daughter.... I remember the 1st year that my daughter was away to college - missed her soooo,sooo much too, so I can sure relate! :)