Friday, May 27, 2011

My Very Own Special Disneyland Trip

Last Friday, 
after dropping a weepy Ahnalin off at school,
 Don, aka my Hot Rockin' Hubby, 
drove me to Oakland airport.

He kissed me, unloaded my 
pink suitcase, 
told me I would survive the flight, 
and that it was highly unlikely
that my plane would be hijacked
by terrorists,
and drove back home.

I should mention here that
on Wednesday, just 2 days prior,
he started having fevers
and on Thursday he came home sick 
from work.
He was still really sick when he sent 
me on my way.

I felt awful leaving him, 
and the weepy Ahnalin,
who felt it was entirely unfair
that I was going to visit her sister
in Disneyland, 
without her.

But the tickets were bought,
and I could hardly wait to see my India!

After checking myself in,
(Boy! Things have changed in air travel!)
I treated myself to two 
completely frivolous magazines
and a salad to take on the plane. 

I did not take any sewing 
or smocking on this trip.
It felt REALLY weird to not be
carrying scissors or needles in my bags,
but I was trying to go carry-on-only.
I failed, however, because I 
forgot that I had full sized lotions
and sunscreen bottles 
that I would have had to throw out.
So, I checked the pink suitcase.

And Don was right.
No terrorists were on my plane.

After landing in LAX and taking 
the shuttle to my hotel,
I just laid on the bed and read my book,
alone, for awhile.
Boy did that feel weird!
Nothing that I had to accomplish
and those wonderful Hilton beds!
 Oh yeah, believe it or not,
the Hilton was the cheapest hotel 
deal last weekend!!!!
Not sure why, but it was cheaper
than Motel 6 when I booked! 

My sweet girl!!

When she got off work, we stuffed all her bags
in a locker and went into the park!

India had been dying to show me 
the Mary Blair exhibit at the Disney Gallery.

Mary Blair was the artist behind so much of the 
art used in Disneyland,
especially "It's A Small World".

Not a great picture of this,
but we got to "Join Jack's Crew"
for the 3-D promo of the
new Pirates of the Caribbean movie.
We ate Fried Green Tomato sandwiches at 
the Hungry Bear Restaurant.
They serve them with sweet potato fries
and pineapple cole slaw. 
So yummy!!

We just bummed around the park a while
and then walked back to our hotel
to pass out for the night.
It was SO GOOD to be with my girl!

Saturday morning, she had to  be at work
at 7:45, and the park didn't open until 8.
So, I accompanied her to her drop off point,
and then embarrassed her by taking this picture.
She said it was a "First day of first grade" moment.

I walked back to the hotel
and showered and read my book some more.
Then I decided to go to an early showing of
"Something Borrowed" by myself.
I LOVED the book by Emily Griffin.
So I practically ran from my hotel
to the theater in Downtown Disney,
to make the 10:30 showing.
By the time I got there, my feet 
were covered in blisters.
I was wearing the CUTEST new
orange Teva sandals for the first time,
and had not broken them in yet. 
Not smart!

Outside the theater was this wax figure
of Jack Sparrow, 
advertising the new movie. 
I actually had to touch it to make sure it 
was not real. 
So lifelike it was freaky!!

After my movie, I walked around a while and 
then went back to my hotel to rest my feet
before meeting up with India after work.
We went right over Disney California Adventure
to go on our Cast Preview of 
the Little Mermaid Ride!!

You can't see it, but that sign reminded 
us that because this was a preview,
and the ride was not yet open to 
the public, we had to refrain 
from talking about it on "social media."
So, all I can tell you is that it
AH-MAZ- ZING!!!!!!!
We went on it twice and it was
so worth the wait!!!! 
It opens next week and 
I highly recommend it.

I took this while we waited in line at the Little 
Mermaid ride.

Ribs, fries and coleslaw! 

After dinner, I saw on my Mouse Wait
was open. They had been
opening it for a few hours off and on
to test it. So, we ran over to Tomorrowland
and got in line! They closed the line right after us!
It was fabulous!!!!
It should be officially open to the public
next week.

Inside the House of Tomorrow in
in Tomorrowland.

More House of Tomorrow

This is "ElecTronic" at DCA.
It is a huge dance party with the 
futuristic "Tron" theme.

After Electronica, we 
caught a shuttle back to the hotel
and stewed in the jacuzzi until the 
security guard kicked us out to close it.

Sunday morning, I suggested
that we go to an early showing of the new
Pirates movie, but India wanted to sleep in
on those super cozy beds.
So, we hung out until check out time
and then took the shuttle back to 
the resort area. 

We ate brunch at Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen
in Downtown Disney
and it was SO GOOD.
Thankfully, India's cast member discount
really helped our meal budget!
I DID take makeup to wear on this trip.
I did. 
I just never put it on. 
I wish I had for the sake of cute
pictures, but I would have cried
or laughed it all off anyway!

We shopped around a while
and I bought a few last souvenirs
for Don and Ahnalin. 
When I told Ahnalin that I would
buy her whatever she wanted,
she told me she wanted Kettle Corn!
So, that is what she got!

I asked India to say a little hello
to Daddy and Ahnalin.

I grabbed her and hugged her 
several more times......
and cried.

And then it was time for India to go 
backstage to dress for work.
I walked back to the hotel and
waited for my shuttle to the airport

My flight was late,
and I got several frantic phone calls from home, 
both from Don and other family members.
Don's fever had shot up to 103.5
and everyone was very concerned.
So my inlaws decided to drive down
from Grass Valley, to the airport
in Oakland to pick me up so that Don
would not be on the road.
They stayed over night with us
and Dad drove Don to work the next
day and stayed around so Don 
would not have to drive.
Don was sick the rest of the week,
but finally went back to work yesterday.
He is FINALLY getting better.

I had a wonderful, wonderful time with 
India. I felt terrible leaving my sick hubby
but was so glad to be with India.

Now that Don is finally getting well,
I can get my house back together, 
and get back to sewing! 


MommytoAJ said...

sounds like a GREAT time spent with India ... I'm sure she treasured the time as much as you did ...

Great pics :)

Julia said...

What a great trip with your precious India. I'm sure that Ahnalin survived being away from Mommy for a few days. Too bad your husband was sick, though! Bummer. It's good he's better now that you are home.
I'm glad to be back on blogger and visiting your wonderful blog!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a terrific time. Perfect Mama/Daughter memories. Good for you!!