Saturday, May 14, 2011

Move Over Mozart!

Today was Ahnalin's very first piano recital!

She takes group piano lessons at her school
with an organization called
"Move Over Mozart."

She grabbed her friend, 
and fellow piano student, Laura,
to pose with her.

Her teacher is Miss Becky and 
Ahnalin thinks she is wonderful!

Ahnalin played "Bingo".
She has played this song at least 
a hundred million times in the last 
few months, on our piano 
and every other piano she encountered.
She was so nervous this morning
that she was practicing over and over
starting at 6:00 AM this morning.

Don and I were HOPING
she would sleep in until at least 7:00
before the anxiety kicked in.

No Such Luck!

She is begging for piano lessons for 
the summer.

Ey Yi Yi!

But she did such a wonderful job at the recital!
We are so so so proud of her!
And she was proud of herself and so happy
with her performance!

Nana and Papa drove over for a visit
and brought my patio furniture,
so I tried to get Ahnalin to stay still for 
a quick picture. 

I was not too successful there!

Oh, and you may notice that
Ahnalin IS NOT wearing
a new smocked dress at her recital.

Well, I DID get the smocking done,
but then was to tired to sew the dress last night.
And I decided that since I had just made
her a new dress for the Ballet last week,
she would not explode if I didn't make a
new dress for the recital. 

She was ok. 

I still plan to finish the dress,
because the smocking turned out SO CUTE!

And, oh, India wants me 
to bring a dress for my trip on Friday.
She wants us to dress up cute for our
Mother-Daughter date!

Well, maybe I should make a new dress for me!

Well, just maybe!

Happy Sewing!


hollym. said...

Way to play, Ahnalin!! Great work, sweetie!:)t

Jan M said...

Bravo! Great job!
I am so grateful to my mother for buying a piano and allowing me to take piano lessons. You have also blessed your precious daughter!
Enjoy your special day with your other daughter, too!

Anonymous said...

Ahnalin looks darling and did a great job. Great pic of her with her Nana and Poppa. Thank you for recording it so we could enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Think it is wonderful that ya'll are so musical. Ahnalin looks adorable and very pleased with herself.