Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Disneyland- My Favorites!

 Yes, I love Disneyland.

If you have followed my blog for any time at all,
you are pretty aware of that fact!

And if you happened upon my little blog
because of the Pink Ear Pixie Blog Hop,
go ahead and poke around a bit.

 So, I had a hard time narrowing down what
I wanted to talk about in this post.

I love it all!

So I decided to talk about my favorite things!

Well of course!
My favorite place to stay at the Disneyland Resort

After many trips to Disneyland over the years,
we finally got to stay at the Disneyland Hotel 
last Summer for our family vacation
when we celebrated India's high school graduation.
It was Magical!

Who is my favorite Disneyland employee?

Why, that would be my beautiful daughter,
She is a tour guide (or "Bookie" as 
they call themselves)
on the Storybook Land Canal Boats 
in Fantasy Land.

She works there full time, 
takes college classes, 
and lives in the DCP student housing.
She LOVES this program
and we are so proud of her!

Currently, my favorite ride is
"Soarin Over California"
which is a hangliding style adventure
where you get to experience the beauty 
and fragrance of our beautiful state.
Yes, I said fragrance, because you can actually
smell the orange groves, ocean air,
vineyards and desert dust!

However, "Soarin" just may be moved
bumped off the pedestal on
May 21!

Why is that?


The Little Mermaid  MY princess.

Well, of course,
she is a redhead that sings and loves the ocean!

She is me!

This was my Mother's Day present from India.
Do you see what is peaking behind the
pin cards?

That would be a preview ticket for me!
I get to ride the new Little Mermaid ride
in Disney California Adventure
before it opens to the general public!!!!!!!!!

You see, my Hot Rockin' Hubby
and my India put their heads together
to buy me plane tickets to go next weekend
for a special time, just India and me!
And the previews for the ride are that weekend!!!

Oh, and look closely at those pins India sent me.
The Tinkerbell pin on the right 
is a special pin that only cast members can purchase.
Special me!

My favorite food in Disneyland
is Dole Whip. 
When we were there visiting India in March,
it rained like crazy on her day off.
So we donned our lovely pink ponchos
and got our Dole Whip at the 
Tiki Room anyway!

Because I sew most of my daughter's clothes,
and all of their costumes,
it is hard for me to decide which is my favorite
Disneyland outfit.
This one is pretty close to my favorite!
For Halloween 2009, 
both of my girls chose to be 
Alice from Alice in Wonderland.
Ahnalin has worn this in Disneyland several times!

I made her this outfit for our trip last summer.
I LOVE the appliqued I made for the top!
I was able to customize it to make
the little girl look like my Ahnalin!

And this one......
do you have any idea how hard it is to find
Dumbo clothes for little girls!
Dumbo is Ahnalin's favorite movie.
I have sung the lullaby
"Baby Mine" to her every night
since she was placed in our arms.
So she begged for a Dumbo dress
I loved making this special outfit for my baby!

I have made many more.
And as I love to design
custom garments for clients,
I love to make special Disney 
outfits for other little girls!

If you would like to talk to me
about creating a special outfit for your 
little princess,
You can leave me a comment
and please include your email address.
Or, you can convo me through my
I will contact you and we can create
magic together!

And look, do you see me?

I mean, the Goosegirl?

When we went in January,
we got to see
It's A Small World 
still dressed up in it's holiday finery.
I was thrilled to see the Goosegirl all fancy!

I could go on and on. 
Disneyland is a special place for our family.
We have made many wonderful,
happy memories there over the years.

Thank you for letting me share a few pieces of Disney Magic
that are so special to me.

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By Word of Mouth Musings said...

What a great post filled with such wonderful memories! Thank you for sharing on the Hop ...

A Bunch of Hicks said...

AHHH!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Dumbo outfit. I am going to message you on you etsy right now about that one!! I have never seen anything so adorable!! Wonderful post, I can feel your love for DL! I hope to visit there someday too!

angellam said...

Those pictures are ADORABLE!!!! Glad to find you on the hop!! :)

One Year to Disney

Ellie Inspired said...

Hi Sivje! The Dumbo dress was one of my favorites too! I'm so glad that you're in the hop and you're so lucky to get to ride the Little Mermaid ride FIRST! I think I should encourage one of my kids to enter the Disney College program when they are older... :) Have a good day!

Cole's Corner said...

I sing Baby Mine to my kiddos, too.
It was the only thing to make Ella fall asleep when she was a baby.

Love your outfits and your Mother's Day gift.... and I kinda wish I could go to Disney College.

jbmthinks/sportsparenting said...

Stopping by from the Disney blog to have you check out my blog too!

Wendi said...

Hi I am from Living in the North Pole :) And my daughter is in LOVE with the clothes you made for your little girl :) we can't decide which one we like more!! :)
nice to meet another Disney lover and fellow blogger :)

Amanda said...

Thanks for being a part of the Hop! Your love for Disney is right on par with mine I think! :o) I just wish I had a teeny bit of your sewing talent. WOW! I'm jealous of your creativity! :o) Beautiful clothes and beautiful girl!

Sandi said...

I love it! I love the outfits and all the Disneyana...already dreaming of sewing for a Disney World trip next year. When we visited Disneyland in 2009 I did a Sleeping Beauty and a Minnie Mouse for my then two year old. Too much fun!